Prepare to Graduate

There are several important steps you must take in order to graduate from the University of Alberta. 

Graduation Checklist

1. Apply to graduate

Apply for graduation in Bear Tracks under Graduation in Academic Records. You can see the status of your application by clicking  Graduation Status after submitting your application.

You are required to apply for graduation even if you don't plan to attend your convocation ceremony. See below for application opening dates and deadlines.

Undergraduate Students

  • Apply for Spring Convocation between October 1 and February 1.
  • Apply for Fall Convocation between March 15 and September 1.

Graduate Students

  • Apply for Spring Convocation between November 1 and April 2 (before 4 p.m.).
  • Apply for Fall Convocation between May 1 and October 3 (before 4 p.m.).

For thesis submission, please contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

2. Verify your personal info

Regardless of your attendance status, you must verify your name for your parchment which is displayed on the Graduation Status page in Bear Tracks.

Parchments will be printed in the Primary Name that is on your student record. Your full name, including middle name(s), is displayed in the Parchment Name field on the Graduation Status page in Bear Tracks, and this is how your name will be printed on your parchment. Preferred names are not printed on parchments. Initials will not be printed on parchments, and names will be printed in capital letters. If your Parchment Name is not your correct legal name, you must submit a Name Change form to update your Primary name, and add "For Convocation Purposes" to the top of the form.

Your Preferred Name will be printed in the list of graduates and announced when you cross the stage. Update your Preferred Name on the Personal Details page, under Profile, in Bear Tracks, if desired. Due to printing deadlines, students who do not update their convocation names at least one month prior to the start of Convocation may not have corrections to their information published in the program.

If you are a gender-diverse student and would like to discuss the available options regarding legal names and convocation, please reach out to the Student Service Centre.

3. Find your ceremony
View Ceremony Details to determine your ceremony date and time.
4. Update your attendance (RSVP)

If you plan on attending Convocation

Reserve your seat! Go to the Graduation Status page in Bear Tracks to indicate that you will attend. You may change your selection up to one week before your ceremony if your plans change.

If you are not attending Convocation

Please let us know if you will not be able to attend Convocation. Go to the Graduation Status page in Bear Tracks to indicate that you will not be attending. You may change your selection up to one week before your ceremony if your plans change.

If you do not attend your Convocation ceremony, you can receive your degree either by picking it up in person or having it mailed. Please see Degree Parchments for more information.

5. Reserve your apparel and convocation packet

Reserve your academic apparel in Bear Tracks, through the Apparel Reservation link on the Graduation Status page. Apparel reservations will be available in late spring for June Convocation, and early fall for November Convocation. 

Apparel and convocation packets (including your parchment, name card, and procedures brochure) must be picked up from the University Bookstore the day before your ceremony.

Dates and times for pick up by Faculty.

6. Pay any outstanding fines and fees

Parchments and other official documentation will not be released to students who have outstanding accounts with the University of Alberta. Therefore, you are urged to clear all outstanding accounts at least two weeks prior to Convocation to ensure that your parchment is available.

You can view any financial holds in Bear Tracks, under Financial Account.

7. Mailing address
Update your mailing address in the Profile page in Bear Tracks. International students should ensure that their postal code is included and their telephone number is updated on the Contact Information page.