Exam Guidelines for Instructors

Guidelines for the administration of final exams

Since the conducting of examinations is the responsibility of individual instructors rather than the Registrar, the following points are offered as comments and suggestions to assist you in this process.

See also What to do when a student is sick.

For examinations scheduled in the gymnasiums, arrive at least 30 minutes before the start time of the exam.

Instructors who have a final examination on the schedule should:

  • Become familiar with the 'Examination Rules' printed on the front cover of examination booklets.
  • Arrange for transportation of question papers and examination booklets to the place of writing before the examination. (Please note that it is the responsibility of each department to order their own supply of examination booklets from McCallum Printing Group).
  • Note the seating arrangements outlined on the exam schedule, especially for those examinations that are scheduled together with other examinations in the same room.
  • Post signs on the portable blackboards in the gyms and the Pavilion indicating where the students are to sit.
  • Admit students to the scheduled room/exam centre 10 minutes prior to the start time of the examination in order that they may be settled by the time the examination is scheduled to begin.
  • Distribute question papers and examination booklets to the students and collect the materials at the end of the examination. For exams that have more than one part, it is suggested that all parts be distributed at the commencement of the exam. It is extremely disruptive for students when others must leave their seats to return one part of an exam and to pick up another.
  • Ensure that the examination begins and ends on time, and that students leave the examination room quietly as soon as they have handed in their completed papers. Students do not finish exams at the same time: in consideration of others, students who finish early should be asked to leave the exam centre rather than remaining to discuss the exam with the examiner or fellow students.
  • Keep a record of the students who are present and who are absent, and also a record of students who hand in examination papers so that disputes will not subsequently arise over allegedly lost answer papers.
  • Assume responsibility for supervising their own examinations or for making arrangements within their department for a substitute.
  • Ensure that the furniture in the large examination centres is left as neat and tidy as possible.
  • Try to keep the atmosphere as calm as possible with the least number of disruptions. Please note that athletic activity is not permitted in exam centres while an exam is in progress: each year, complaints are received from examinees whose concentration is interrupted by people jogging around a gym while students are still writing.
Please note that students are expected to have in their possession suitable identification (ONEcard) that they can produce for inspection by the invigilator when requested. Only those aids, calculators, references etc. specifically authorized by the instructor may be brought into the examination facility. The use of unauthorized personal listening, communication, recording, photographic, and/or computational devices are strictly prohibited.