Your personal student record includes your personal information, transcripts, and tax receipts. You can also request verification documents and enrolment forms.


Find information about transcripts, how to order official copies, and how to access unofficial transcripts on Bear Tracks.

Students and Alumni Verification Documents

Learn more about what type of verification documents are available and how to request them.

Confirmation-of-Enrolment Forms

Learn more about how to request and complete a confirmation-of-enrolment form.

Changes to Personal Information

Find information on how to change your contact information, change your legal name or preferred name, request a gender designation change, or update your immigration status.

Tax Forms and Receipts

Find out when the T2202 certificates and U-Pass Transit Tax Receipt will be available and how to access them.

MyCreds™ | MesCertif™

A national credential wallet that provides post-secondary learners with access to view and to share their digitized and portable post-secondary transcripts and credentials anytime, anywhere.