How to Request Official University of Alberta Transcripts

To send transcripts by mail to self or third party:

Who are you? Order Method Processing Time1 Delivery Method

Current or former student with access to Bear Tracks

Bear Tracks

Go to 'Academics' > 'My Academics' > 'Transcript/Unofficial Transcript'.

Fill in the required information under the "Request Official Transcript" tab and submit your request.

3-5 business days

Regular mail

If you wish to have your transcripts mailed by courier,
use this Transcript Request form instead.

Former student without access to Bear Tracks Transcript Request form 3-5 business days

Courier or regular mail

Note1: This does not include mailing time.

To pick up transcripts in-person:

In-person pick-up is currently not available. Please check for universite-wide updates.

Augustana students

If you completed post-secondary studies at Augustana Faculty (Camrose) prior to September 2006 and then continued your studies at the University of Alberta, you can request your official transcript in Bear Tracks.

If you attended post-secondary studies prior to September 2006 at Augustana Faculty (Camrose), you need to complete an online Transcript Request Form and the Augustana Registrar's Office will be advised of your request and produce your complete academic record.

Important instructions

If you require your Official Transcripts in separate, sealed envelopes for a third party, please include this in your mailing instructions. The envelope may only be opened by the third party and will be rendered invalid if opened by the student.

Official Transcripts and other forms of certification are released only after any outstanding accounts with any department at the University of Alberta have been settled. For more information on clearing your outstanding accounts, please refer to Financial Holds.

There is no charge to obtain your Official Transcript. If you require priority post, special delivery, or courier service, please provide a prepaid envelope, contact your courier service to arrange prepayment, or include credit card information in the spaces provided on the Transcript Request Form. If you require transcripts by a given deadline, please remember to allow time for postal delivery and submit your request in advance.

For couriers that deliver to a Post Office Box outside of Canada, a street address and a telephone number must be provided. Couriers may not be deliverable to the destination unless these pieces of information are provided.

When transcripts can be issued

When you submit a request for Official Transcript, you may indicate whether you desire to have your transcripts issued immediately, after grades are approved by the Dean, or after your degree is awarded.

If you require Official Transcript to be sent after grades are approved, please note the following:

Student Registered in: Approved grades available in:
Fall Term only (no Winter registration) early February
Both Fall/Winter Terms early June
Winter Term only early June
Spring Term only (no Summer registration) early July
Both Spring/Summer Terms early September
Summer Term only early September