Special Registrations

Special Registrations provides study options for students who do not fall within the traditional definition of full-time or part-time degree students.

Open Studies

Through Open Studies you can take university-level credit courses on a part-time basis without being admitted to a degree or diploma program.


Apply to attend classes on a purely informational basis, for no credit.

Fresh Start Program

This program allows students in participating faculties to remain on campus while attempting regain eligibility for readmission.

Transition Year Program

TYP is a full-time, on-campus program for Indigenous students that sets you up to enter a degree program in your second year.

Postgraduate Medical/Dental Education students

Find information on registration, fees, ONEcard, student services, and more.

International Visiting Student Program

Allows international students to spend up to one year at the University of Alberta enrolled in intensive English classes as well as regular academic courses.

Exchange Programs

Attend the University of Alberta as an exchange student, or attend another university as a UAlberta student.

Education Abroad program

Study abroad as a UAlberta student - choose from over 200 different opportunities!

Exploration Credits

Exploration credits provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to apply for a credit/no credit notation in elective courses.

Continuing and Professional Education

The University of Alberta offers continuing and professional education to provide adult learners with lifelong learning opportunities.