Student Loans

Student loans can be complicated, but we’re here to help! The Student Service Centre can assist you with your loan application and advise on how to manage your loans and pay for your education.

Important 2021-2022 Updates

How do I submit paperwork to the University of Alberta when I can not visit in person?

For part-time student loan forms, refer to the Applying for Part-Time Loans section on our How to Apply page.

For Form B’s, refer to the Interest-Free Status section on our Repaying Your Loan page

All out-of-province documents such as Appendix 3’s or PIFs can be submitted via the Student Service Centre (for undergrads) or FGSR at (for graduate students).

How do I answer the question on the Alberta Student Loan application that asks: "Are you enrolled in a correspondence / e-learning / distance study program?"

If you are applying for a student loan through Alberta Student Aid you will answer "No" even if some or all of your classes will be delivered online this fall.

Student loan borrowers from other provinces should check with their province of residency for details on how to report these on the student loan application.

How do I answer the question on the Alberta Student Loan application that asks: "Expected Reduced Yearly Income?"
You will only answer this question if you estimate your income for 2021 will be less than it was for 2020. This question is a way to recognise you may not have the same income while you're in school as you did last year. If you expect your income to be the same or higher, just leave this question blank. Do not include the CERB or CESB in your estimation of the Expected Reduced Income for yourself, your parents, or your spouse.

How to Apply for Spring/Summer Loans 

Student Loans 101 

Need help applying for your Fall 2022 student loan? Check back here in the coming weeks for information on how to register for our Student Loans 101 workshops!

Before You Apply

Find information about eligibility, residency, dependent vs. independent status, creating your student loan accounts, and determining the value of your funding. 

How to Apply

Find information about deadlines and timelines, determining your registration status, as well as how to apply for part-time, full-time, and spring and summer loans. 

After You Apply

Find information about preparing your MSFAAs, fund disbursement, loan implications of dropping from full-time to part-time status, and requesting an appeal. 

Repaying Your Loan

Find information about repayment and maintaining your interest-free status. 

Note: Much of the information on this webpage is specific to Alberta students. In some cases you may need to refer to your provincial lending authority for more information.