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Transfer Students

The opening application date for post-secondary transfer students is October 1, 2019*.
*This does not apply to the faculties of Medicine & Dentistry and Law.

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“When you enter university there’s an immense pressure to acquire certainty. At the end of high school I wanted to be an actor, but at the very last minute I decided to enter pursue neuroscience instead. I quickly learned that my dreams of becoming Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t as enjoyable as I thought it’d be, so I switched into business. Over the next three years, I changed my mind again and am now interested in pursuing law. My undergraduate degree has been all over the map, but if I could start university all over again I would remind myself that it’s okay to not know. Life is not a step-by-step manual but a field of opportunity, and the best we can ask of ourselves is not to plan which opportunities will arise, but to grasp them as they come along.”

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Final Transcripts for Grade 12 students

For Grade 12 applicants from Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Yukon, the Ministry of Education has sent final Grade 12 transcripts at the end of July. Learn More »

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