Student Service Centre Frequently Asked Questions

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Last updated: January 5, 2024

Humanities Centre Closure (Winter 2024)

I have a class in the Humanities Centre this term. Where do I go?

If you have a class during the Winter 2024 term located in the Humanities Centre, please check your schedule in Bear Tracks for information on its new location. 

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your faculty. More information on the building closure is available here.

Winter Final Exams

When do I write my final exams and when does winter break start?

Winter break commences when the exam period is over for you. Your personal exam schedule can be found in Bear Tracks under the My Schedule & Exam tile; Final Exam Schedule page. You can view the final draft of the Fall 2023 Final Exam Schedule on the Office of the Registrar webpage. You can view Important Dates and Deadlines, including the dates of Winter break, on the University Calendar.

I missed my final exam. What do I need to do?

The section on Examinations in the University Calendar contains general information about writing a deferred final exam.

IMPORTANT: You cannot apply for a deferred examination before your final exam's scheduled date.

The University of Alberta has several health and wellness supports you can access in person and from a distance.

Where can I get support if I’m experiencing a difficult situation?

You are not alone, we have support that can help you navigate challenges. See our Crisis Support website for options.


Do I need a statutory declaration if I was sick and missed an exam or class assignment, or am sick and unable to participate in a class assignment or exam delivered remotely?

No. Notify your instructor of your absence by email. Statutory declarations are not currently required for missed exams or class assignments related to illness.

Take care of yourself. Get medical assistance if you need it. Unless you need to visit your doctor, you should stay home until you are well enough to resume normal activities. For more information, please see What to do when you are sick (students).

What Academic Supports are available at the University of Alberta?

The University of Alberta provides a variety of Academic Supports to current students, such as the Academic Success Centre, Writing Services, Decima Robinson Support Centre and more.

I have questions specific to my academic program, who should I talk to?

If you are an Open Studies student, the Student Service Centre can assist you. For graduate academic program questions, contact your department. For undergraduate academic program questions, contact your Faculty Student Services office. The things they can help with include:

  • Program/Degree planning and checklists
  • Course selection/registration
  • Declaring/Changing major
  • Academic Standing
  • Academic Appeals
  • Exams - Deferred and Re-exam
  • Transfer Credit
  • Document requests (Letter of Permission, Letter of Completion, Certificate application)
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Letter of Expected Graduation Date
  • Internships/Co-ops
  • Career Advising

Registration Information

I start my program in Winter 2024, how do I know what to register for in my first year courses?

You can use our Reg 101 website to get started on first year course registration.

Start by looking at the Registration 101 Tip Sheet from your faculty of choice which will outline the courses you are required to take in your first year of university, and throughout your degree. If you are interested in a professional program that only requires a year or two to enter, make sure you follow the professional program requirements, found using the tip sheets or our program search tool, instead of your faculty requirements.

Don’t forget to also use resources like the BearTracks user guide.

For additional help with course registration, contact your faculty. The Office of the Registrar cannot register students in courses.

When can I register for Winter 2024?

Registration for Winter 2024 is now open for all students. If you are new to the University of Alberta, you will first need to accept your offer and pay your tuition deposit before gaining access to register.

How can I view courses that are offered online?

You can use the Course Catalogue to search for online courses. To search for online courses, you can navigate to the “Advanced” search options and select, “Only show courses with online classes”.

Where can I find registration information?

General Guidelines for Enrolment Appointment Times can be found on our Course Registration Information website

You can also use our Registration and Courses webpage for an overview of the registration process.
I am trying to register in a course and am getting an error message.

There may be multiple reasons why you are receiving an “error” message when attempting to register for classes in Bear Tracks. Within the “error” message you will see an explanation that will tell you why you are unable to register for your class. You may be able to address the “error” on your own, by reviewing the following scenarios:

Do you have a financial hold?
For information about financial holds, visit clearing holds on your record.

Is the class open to web registration?
Classes not available for web registration will have a 'Closed (Contact Dept)' note when searching for the class. For assistance registering for a closed course, contact the teaching department in the faculty that administers the class.

Is the class full?
If the class is full, you can add the class to your “Watch List” in Bear Tracks; an email notification will be sent to your UAlberta email account when a spot becomes available so you can then attempt to register.

Do you meet the prerequisites, corequisites, and restrictions?
Information regarding prerequisites and corequisites can be found in the Notes section of the class. Click on the 'Notes' icon to access these details. If you believe you have met the prerequisites or course restrictions, contact the teaching department in the faculty that administers the class directly.

Is there a time conflict?
The system protects you from creating timetable conflicts by not accepting registrations in sections that will overlap with your schedule.

Have you been admitted to two programs?
If so, you may need to change your program in Bear Tracks to register for your courses.

Have you been recently admitted?
Once you accept your offer and pay your tuition deposit (if applicable), it can take up to 48 hours for your registration to become activated.

Visit the Course Registration web page for more information about registering for courses.

I am a post-secondary transfer student, and have questions about my transfer credit. Who do I talk to?

After you have received an offer of admission, courses from other post-secondary institutions as well as Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and The General Certificate of Education (GCE) are evaluated for credit toward your program at the University of Alberta.

The transfer credit evaluation can take several weeks. When transfer credit has been granted, you will be able to access it in BearTracks by selecting 'Academic Records' and then 'Transfer Credit Report'. The timing of the Transfer Credit Report is determined by your Faculty.

If you have further questions about your Transfer Credit contact your Faculty advisors directly. Visit Faculties, Centres and Institutes for a complete listing and links to each page. Click through to your faculty’s website, then check the menu headings on that page for “Departments” or “Contact Us.”

I transferred programs but I am still showing as Year 1 in Bear Tracks. How do I get registered for my 2nd, 3rd, 4th year courses because I am afraid they will fill up?

If you are appearing as a first-year student, it may be that your transfer credit has not yet been assessed. Contact your faculty office to learn more about the status of your transfer credit.

I am starting studies at the University of Alberta in the Fall. Where can I find course registration information?

You can use our Reg 101 website to get started on first-year course registration. You can also sign up to attend a Faculty registration workshop, either virtually or in person. 

Start by looking at the Registration 101 Tip Sheet from your faculty of choice which will outline the courses you are required to take in your first year of university and throughout your degree. If you are interested in a professional program that only requires a year or two to enter, follow the professional program requirements, found using the tip sheets or our program search tool,  instead of your faculty requirements.

Don’t forget to also use our resources like the Bear Tracks user guide.

Before you begin to build your schedule or register for courses, you will need to accept your offer and pay the non-refundable $500 or $1,000 tuition deposit, if applicable.

Spring/Summer 2024

When does registration open for the Spring/Summer 2024 terms?

Spring and Summer course listings and registration will be available in mid-February.

How much is Spring/Summer tuition if I have an international Tuition Guarantee?

If you choose to take Spring/Summer courses, your annual total will increase that year, however, your total tuition for your entire program will remain the same. Enrolment in either Spring or Summer courses is assessed at 1/4 of your annual tuition guarantee for either Spring or Summer, plus the cost of mandatory non-instructional fees. For example, if your annual tuition guarantee is $32,000, taking spring or summer courses will cost approximately $8,000 per term, plus the mandatory non-instructional fees. Your specific assessment will be available on Bear Tracks in mid-February, once you have registered for the Spring/Summer courses you wish to take.

Withdrawn or failed courses are included towards your credit allotment as outlined in your tuition guarantee. If you pay more than your guaranteed tuition amount through taking courses in Spring and/or Summer, not including retaken courses as a result of withdrawn or failed courses, your tuition fees will be adjusted to reflect the overpayment in your final year.

Spring/Summer Tuition for International Students Admitted Prior to Fall 2020


Where and when can I see my Fee Assessment?

For Fall/Winter registrations, student-specific online fee assessments are available in late July. The fee assessments are located in Bear Tracks under "Financials" > "Fee Assessment".

When and how do I pay my tuition?

Payment options

There are several payment options available; these options can vary depending on what type of student you are and what type of fee or deposit you are paying. For a detailed breakdown, see the Deadlines and Payment Instructions page on the Admissions and Programs website.

Once processed, payments applied to your account can be viewed in BearTracks under "Financials" by clicking on "Account Details" and selecting the correct term. Payments can take several business days to process.

Payment deadlines

Payment deadlines for tuition fees and other types of fees and deposits are outlined in the Academic Schedule in the University Calendar (scroll down to see the Fall and Winter terms). Key dates and deadlines for each term are also published on the Registrar’s Office website.

I am an international student, how can I pay my tuition?

We have two options for international students to pay their tuition from outside of Canada: Convera and PayMyTuition.

International Tuition Payment Options

The University of Alberta is unable to direct wire transfers to students due to government regulations on incoming funds to Canada. Students can use PayMyTuition or Convera.

What happens if my student loan payment isn’t received until after the tuition payment deadline?

If a student loan delay causes you to miss the term tuition payment deadline, you normally won't be penalized as long as the loan payment pays the total term tuition amount owed and the payment is received less than a month after the term tuition payment deadline.

Overdue tuition payments do not affect your current registration, so you will still be able to continue in your classes. However, a few days after the tuition payment deadline, you will see a financial hold placed on your account that prevents you from adding new classes, getting transcripts, or receiving your diploma if you are graduating. Tuition and fees more than a month overdue will accumulate interest.

Student Receivables FAQ

When can I opt-out of my SU Health and Dental plan?

You may choose to opt out of one or both of these plans or change your coverage through Studentcare, the benefits provider’s website. To log in, type “University of Alberta” in the field provided, and select the undergraduate option. On the next page, select “Opt Outs” from the Coverage menu on the right hand side of the screen.

  • Students who begin their studies in the Fall term must opt out of, or change their coverage during the Fall Change-of-Coverage Period (September 1 to September 28, 2023).
  • Students who begin their studies in the Winter term must opt out of, or change their coverage during the Winter Change-of-Coverage Period (January 3 - January 24, 2024).
I have opted out of my SU Health and Dental, when can I get the refund?

If you fully opt out of your SU Health and Dental, you will see the fee adjustment on your Bear Tracks.

When you opt out of your SU Health and Dental, you have the option to opt out of just a portion of the fee. Ensure you have received the confirmation email from Student Care (after opting-out) which will illustrate the details of your plan and how you will be reimbursed.

If you choose this route, you will not see an adjustment in your fees assessment on Bear Tracks. You are expected to pay your tuition and fees in full to the university and you are then reimbursed by Student Care after the Change-of Coverage Period.

Can I opt out of my Non- Instructional fees?

There are some fees (SU dedicated fees and Health & Dental plan) that you may be able to opt out of.

For information on how to change coverage, including opting out of the plan by the Fall Term deadline, or how to enroll if you are a new Winter Term student, please visit

Additional information about non-instructional fees and opt-out processes can be found here.

Can I appeal the Mandatory Non-Instructional fees that I have been assessed?

No, mandatory non-instructional fees cannot be appealed. These fees are approved by the Board of Governors. There are some fees (SU dedicated fees and Health and Dental plan) that you may be able to opt out of.

Learn more about non-instructional fees


When is Spring Convocation?

Ceremony dates and times for the Spring Convocation can be found under Ceremony Details on the Convocation webpage. Spring Convocation 2024 will be held in the Universiade Pavilion (Butterdome).

Tax Forms

What is a T2202 and how can I get it?

A T2202 is a tax form that is required by the CRA to determine your eligibility for any Educational Tax Credits that are offered.

You can access your Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts Certificate (T2202) on Bear Tracks. T2202 certificates (formerly called T2202A's) are typically available in mid-to-end of February of each year.

An email notification will be sent to your U of A account once the form has been made available for the current tax year. You can also access T2202 certificates for previous tax years through Bear Tracks.

To access T2202 certificates in Bear Tracks, select ‘Financial Account’, then click on 'Tax forms' on the menu on the left and click on T2202. Select the desired tax year. Computers require Adobe Reader to open and print T2202 certificates.

I received my T2202 but the dollar value is showing as $0?

Update your address in Bear Tracks as your address may be inactive. Once your address has been updated, your T2202 will re-populate with the correct dollar value. 

What is a T4A and how will I receive my T4A?

A T4A is a document provided for tax purposes to those who have received scholarships, awards or bursaries. 

If you are eligible to receive a T4A from the Office of the Registrar, your form(s) will be available in your Bear Tracks, under “Financials”, by the end of February of each year.  

To access your T4As in Bear Tracks, you will need to provide your consent for electronic delivery, which can be done in Bear Tracks:

  • Log into Bear Tracks
  • Navigate to the “Financials” section
  • Click on “T4A Tax Form
  • Select “yes
  • Click “submit” to consent

You only need to provide consent once for T4A tax forms distributed by the Office of the Registrar to receive your T4A electronically for all future years. You can change the status of your consent at any time. 

If you do not provide consent for electronic delivery a paper copy will be mailed to your address listed in Bear Tracks instead.

Tax slips are available to all current or former employees who have received taxable earnings or benefits in the taxation year being reported. Questions related to tax documents from taxable earnings or benefits can be directed to the Staff Service Centre. You can also view the Tax Slips for Employees webpage for more details.

How can I request a T4A reprint?

Tax documents before 2017 (2016 or earlier) are not available through Bear Tracks. If you require a reprint of your T4A that is not available in Bear Tracks, visit the “My Account for Individuals” page on the CRA website or contact us through the Student Service Portal.

If you have received an award from an external provider (not the University of Alberta), contact the external provider to request your T4A. 

How do I update my SIN for tax purposes?

You can provide your SIN in Bear Tracks. After you have logged in you should receive a prompt to add your SIN to your student profile. If you have not received this prompt you may also click on the “Personal Information” tab and select “Social Insurance Number” from the drop-down menu.

If you are having issues with updating your SIN through BearTracks, you can bring your original SIN documents to Student Service Centre during our business hours or submit your updated SIN via mail. You can send a photocopy of your SIN documentation to the address below. Include your student ID number somewhere on the photocopied document. DO NOT submit an electronic copy for security purposes. 

  • Confirmation of SIN letter
  • SIN card
  • Other documentation showing your SIN, which has been issued by Service Canada or the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Student Service Centre mailing address: 

Office of the Registrar
Administration Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2M7

Once the document has been received and your records have been updated, your SIN documentation will be destroyed.

I am an international student, how do I do my taxes? Can someone help me with my tax return?

As a student at the University of Alberta, you are subject to Canada's taxation laws and the Province of Alberta. To help you understand the Canadian tax system, visit Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website.

Canada has a self-assessment system, which means that each individual must determine their taxes for each taxation year. The taxation year is based on the calendar year of January 1 to December 31. Completed tax returns should be filed by April 30 of the following year. Taxes are calculated by using income, deductions, non-refundable tax credits and refundable tax credits.

For more information and tax walkthrough workshops, visit the International Student Services website.

Transcripts + Verification of Enrolment

Can I get an electronic transcript for an institution I am applying to?

If you are a current or former student who has maintained your Bear Tracks access, you can request an authentic, tamper-evident, and legally valid official electronic transcript that will be available to share through MyCreds within a couple of hours of submitting your request.

MyCreds is a secure portal that provides you with access to view and share your digitized and portable post-secondary transcripts anytime, anywhere.

    1. Log into Bear Tracks using your student CCID and password.  
    2. Select “Academic Records”.
    3. Click on "Request Official Transcript” from the menu on the left hand side.
    4. Indicate whether you want your transcript request to be processed immediately, after grades are approved, or after your degree is awarded.
    5. Select “Electronic Transcript” as the Delivery Method.
    6. Submit your request.
    7. Within a few hours, you will receive an email instructing you to log into MyCreds to access your official electronic transcript.

A share credit must be purchased each time you send this document to a recipient using MyCreds. Each share credit is either $6 for current U of A students or $12 for former students and alumni. The automatic process is not run on Saturdays, so students who make MyCreds requests on Saturday may not see their transcript in MyCreds until Sunday.

While you can purchase a share credit to send your electronic official transcript to yourself and download it from MyCreds, sharing that transcript with anyone else may render it “unofficial,” depending on their needs. Ensure that the recipient will accept an electronic transcript from you (as opposed to the school) before you send it in this format. You will be required to pay for an additional share credit to send it directly to the recipient if the recipient refuses to accept a transcript that you previously shared with yourself.

How can I request an official transcript if I do not have access to Bear Tracks?

If you are a former student without access to Beartracks, you can access an electronic version of your Official Transcript using our Transcript Request Form. The electronic transcript request will be fulfilled through MyCreds™ | MesCertif™.

Electronic transcripts are unavailable to students who attended post-secondary studies at the University of Alberta before 1980 or students who attended Augustana Faculty (Camrose) before September 2006.

How can I get a Verification of Enrolment document?

Your Verification of Enrollment certificate will be available in Bear Tracks 62 days before the start of the applicable term, whether you are registered in one, or both linked terms. You may continue to access it for 120 days following the term’s official end date.

You can request an authentic, tamper-evident, and legally valid official electronic Verification of Enrollment certificate for the current academic year through Bear Tracks. An hour or so after submitting your request, you will receive an email with instructions on creating and logging into your MyCreds account (a secure portal that provides you with access to view and share your digitized and portable post-secondary documents anytime, anywhere). This process does not run on Saturdays, so requests submitted on Saturday will be fulfilled on Sunday.

Once you have access to MyCreds, you will be prompted to purchase a share credit for $10 CAD (plus applicable taxes) to view and share your Verification of Enrollment certificate. From the time the credit is purchased, you will have 150 days of unlimited viewing and sharing access, so you can send your certificate to as many third parties (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, banks, loan and scholarship providers, landlords, etc.) as needed during that period.

For instructions on how to access your Verification of Enrolment Document and alternative ways to access your Verification of Enrolment, visit Students and Alumni Verification Documents.

Will my RESP provider accept a Verification of Enrolment Document?

The following major RESP providers have confirmed the use of the Verification of Enrollment certificates issued through MyCreds: 

  • Knowledge First Financial (Heritage Education Funds).
  • Financial: While a “stamped school document” is a part of their criteria, the University of Alberta Verification of Enrolment document will fulfill their requirements since our documents are considered an official document. 
  • Children’s Education Fund (CEF).

For instructions on how to access your Verification of Enrolment Document visit Students and Alumni Verification Documents.


How do I apply to an Undergraduate Degree program?
See our Undergraduate Admissions page for full details about how to apply to programs at the University of Alberta. Applications for most fall 2024 undergraduate programs will open on October 1, 2023.
Am I able to apply to an undergraduate degree program starting in the Winter 2024 term?

There are no undergraduate degree programs that offer a Winter 2024 intake for new students. View the undergraduate application deadlines by Faculty. For non degree program options, we offer a part time Open Studies program ( max 2 courses/6 credits per term).

I am a high school applicant. Can I take a class in summer school for my admission?

The university will evaluate courses and marks from high school applicants provided that the supporting documentation (i.e. final transcripts) is submitted by the document deadline of August 1. This means that summer school courses are not completed in time and thus not eligible to be used for admission.

I am a current High School student and my application was denied, what do I do now?

Even though you have not received an offer of admission at this time, your application is not closed, it is still active and open for future re-evaluation.

You will be invited to update your grades as you receive new final grades, either quarterly or at the end of the term, depending on what format your school follows. Once we receive this information, your application will be automatically re-evaluated. You do not need to submit a new application, you will receive the grade update form on your Launchpad portal when we will begin accepting updated courses and grades (there is no need to contact us directly).

Learn more about Course Updates

For more information on the timeline, visit Dates and Deadlines. If you are not admissible after you submit your updated courses and marks, we will re-evaluate your application once again at the end of Grade 12, when we receive your final and official transcripts.

How can I submit my course and grade update?

After you've submitted your application, you will be able to submit updated courses and new final grade 12 marks through the 'Course & Grade Update Form' that will be added to your UAlberta Launchpad between February 15 and April 30. Students studying in a quarter system may be able to also update final grades on December 1. Once submitted, your application will be re-evaluated. We will not accept updates after April 30.

Acceptable types of updates:

  • Add/Update final marks for completed Grade 12 courses (mark should reflect the final blended grade if a provincial exam was written)
  • Add/update mid-term marks for full-year courses (must reflect at least 50% of course content; interim marks will not be accepted in the second semester)
  • Drop previously listed courses if you have withdrawn from them

If you have already completed high school or are currently upgrading, you will not be able to self-report your courses and marks on the application form or submit updated courses and marks. Your evaluation will be based on final, official transcripts, once we receive them.

Exceptions: If you have already graduated from high school or if the April 30 deadline has passed, you will need to apply using your final, official Grade 12 transcripts.

Undergraduate Admissions Website - Submit Updates

Am I able to submit more than one application to the University of Alberta?

You can submit and pay for as many applications (with unique program choices) as you would like to be considered. Each application is evaluated independently of the other.  If you receive an offer to programs on two different applications, you will need to decide which program you would like to accept by the acceptance deadline.

Why can’t I upload documents to my Launchpad account?

If you have received an offer of admission or have completed your studies, you can not upload documents.

Solution in the Student Service Portal

My application says "Not Complete" on ApplyAlberta. Did you receive my application?

Your application status in ApplyAlberta will continue to say "not complete" as your application status is not updated there. Make sure to refer to your UAlberta Launchpad for application status updates and for information about documents that may be required!

If you have not received your Temporary PIN to log in to Launchpad, contact the Student Service Centre, and we can resend it to the email address you used to create your application.

How can I reset my Launchpad PIN?

If you have not received your temporary PIN or want to get your PIN reset, contact us through the Student Service Portal using your personal email on file or your UAlberta email address. We will resend the PIN to you. 

If you have forgotten your Launchpad password, you can reset it by clicking on the “Reset Password” button on the UAlberta Launchpad login page.
How can I accept my offer and pay the tuition deposit?

You can accept your admission offer in your UAlberta Launchpad portal. Once you log in to your status page, click on “Reply to Offer of Admission”, then select "I ACCEPT my offer of admission to the University of Alberta" and click submit. 

If you are a new applicant to the university, you may also need to pay a non-refundable tuition deposit as part of the offer acceptance process. To make a payment through Launchpad, go back to your status page and click on "Submit Payment".

Tuition Deposit Payment

You must accept your offer and pay the tuition deposit by the deadline, otherwise, your offer may be revoked. 

Even after you accept your offer, you will still be required to meet any conditions stated in your offer letter. Otherwise, your offer may be revoked. For more information, see your offer letter, which you can view on your Launchpad status page by clicking on "View Update".

What is the deadline to accept my admission offer?
May 1, 2023, is the deadline to accept admission offers made before April 1 for most undergraduate programs; however, admission evaluations are done on a rolling basis. If you receive an offer after April 1, view deadline information. Your offer acceptance deadline can be found on your Launchpad.
What are the payment options for tuition deposit?

You can accept your admission offer in your UAlberta Launchpad portal. Once you log in to your status page, click on “Reply to Offer of Admission”, then select "I ACCEPT my offer of admission to the University of Alberta" and click submit. 

If you are a new applicant to the university, you may also need to pay a non-refundable tuition deposit as part of the offer acceptance process. To make a payment through Launchpad, go back to your status page and click on "Submit Payment".

Payment in Launchpad is via credit card. Credit card payments include a convenience fee of 2.5%. This fee is collected by our payment processor, at the time of payment, in addition to the tuition deposit.

Tuition Deposit Payment

You can make the payment through your online banking by following these steps:

  • Access your bank website and sign in.
  • Add ‘University of Alberta' as a payee on your bill payment profile.
  • Use your SEVEN DIGIT STUDENT ID NUMBER, then the FIRST FOUR LETTERS OF YOUR LAST NAME as your account number. If your last name has less than four letters, please use your first name to complete the four letters. For example, John Xu = 1234567XUJO.
  • Enter the amount to be paid and the date on which you would like to pay.
  • Complete the transaction as if you were paying a utility bill.

It can take up to 14 business days for the payment to be reflected on both BearTracks and the Launchpad portal.


You must accept your offer and pay the tuition deposit by the deadline, otherwise, your offer may be revoked. You can find information about your tuition deposit deadline on the Accept your Offer page.

Even after you accept your offer, you will still be required to meet any conditions stated in your offer letter. Otherwise, your offer may be revoked. For more information, see your offer letter, which you can view in your Launchpad status page by clicking on "View Update". 

When will I receive my final offer of admission?

If you have received your offer of admission with conditions and we are waiting for and/or currently reviewing your final High School transcript, we will evaluate the final transcript to ensure that you meet the conditions of your offer. The timeline can vary based on when we receive your final transcript. You may expect a decision anytime from now until closer to the beginning of the term.

We anticipate a large amount of transcripts coming at the same time for each province. As soon as the decision is made, you will see the update on UAlberta Launchpad. Continue to check your account for updates.

How do I reset my CCID?

If you need to reset your CCID password, please visit the Information Services and Technology website. You must first enrol in the Self Service Password Reset function to add an alternate email/phone number, after which you will be able to reset your password using the Reset Your Password option.

Reset your CCID Password

Where do I check my application status? When will I receive a decision?

After you have submitted your application, you will have access to the UAlberta Launchpad portal to check your application status and review any checklist items for your program. If your application states that it’s pending review, then that means an advisor is currently reviewing your application. Launchpad is the first place that any updates will be posted. You will be notified by email when there are updates posted. If we require any further information or documents, we will contact you directly. 

We are unable to give you an application evaluation update or a specific timeline by email, live chat or phone. Admissions offers are released on a rolling basis, as evaluations are completed.

Do I need to submit my final and official documents through mail?

Depending on what type of student you are, your transcripts may be sent to the university automatically, or you may need to arrange to have them sent. We may accept copies uploaded to your Launchpad account. If you have completed your schooling, or already have an offer of admission, you will not have the option to upload documents to your Launchpad and instead must arrange to have your official documents submitted to the University of Alberta on your behalf.

Transcript submission process

We currently are still receiving and processing documents received by mail, but your institution can also send transcripts to us at We can only accept documents submitted by an institution in that account therefore if you have other documents to provide us for your application, upload them through your Launchpad. Alberta high schools participating in ApplyAlberta will automatically send your official transcript to the University of Alberta at the end of the school year. If you are a current Alberta high school student, we do not need your Alberta high school transcripts any earlier and you do not need to send these through MyPass. Monitor your Launchpad status.

Can I apply for Open Studies?

Open Studies is a part-time student classification that allows students to take courses for credit without pursuing a degree program. The only requirement for admission to Open Studies is English Language Proficiency. This requirement is outlined in the University Calendar. The deadline to submit documents is the same as the application deadline for the term. A non-refundable and non-transferable application fee of $125 is required for new applicants.

Applications for admission to Open Studies are accepted each term. Deadlines are published in the U of A Calendar.

  • Winter Term: December 15
  • Spring Term: April 30
  • Summer Term: June 30
  • Fall Term: Aug 25

After submitting an application for Open Studies, students will receive email notifications at their UAlberta email account from the Office of the Registrar regarding their application.

Open Studies

Why does my application say that I am a Foreign National?

Because our application system is a US product, if you have selected Canadian Citizen under your citizenship status, it will show up as Foreign National once you submit your application, as this is a system default.

We can see on our end that you are a Canadian Citizen, so this won't affect your application or evaluation in any way and you don't need to correct or update anything.

I listed that I have a degree/diploma on my application, but now it says “no degree awarded or expected.” How do I fix this?

Your application proof may indicate "no degree awarded or expected" under your academic history, even though you have indicated that you have already received a degree or will be receiving one on your application form. This is a system error that will not affect your application or evaluation in any way, as we will use your application form, transcripts, and other documents for your evaluation.

Student Financial Support (loans, bursaries, awards)

How do I apply for Undergraduate Continuing Scholarships as a current student?

Applying for undergraduate awards has never been easier with the new Awards Hub. Students can use the Awards Hub to complete award applications, submit references (when required) and manage award offers in one place. For support navigating the new platform, visit our reference guide, available in English and French. The application period for the 2023-24 academic year closed on March 31, 2023. Applications for the 2024-25 academic year will open on February 1, 2024.

How do I apply for Scholarships and Awards?

All awards administered through the Office of the Registrar are listed on our website. You can visit Scholarships and Awards to find out which awards are available and determine your eligibility, as well as important deadlines.

If you would like to apply for an entrance-based scholarship, you must submit and pay for an application to the University of Alberta to be considered for University of Alberta scholarships.

For more information regarding bursaries and other financial supports, please visit:

I need help applying for or managing my loans.

The Student Service Centre can assist you with your loan application and advise you on how to manage your loans and pay for your education.

Student Loans

Student loans are administered by the provincial and federal governments. When you apply for your provincial loans, you will be simultaneously assessed for federal funding.

Student loans are interest-free and payment-free during the period of study, followed by a six-month grace period. 

Part-time student loans require using the paper application form from Student Aid Alberta. Once your loan application is complete, you will need to get Page 3 of the form signed by Student Service Centre, or the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research if you are a graduate student. Once the application is complete, you will need to send it to Student Aid Alberta.

Can I apply for grants only?

Some provinces/territories may allow you to apply for grant funding without taking out a student loan. If you are applying for Alberta Financial Aid and would like to apply for grant funding only, watch the instructional video at Before You Apply or talk to your provincial loan borrower for more information.

I am having trouble logging into my Alberta Student Aid application.

To access your Alberta Student Aid Account and the student loan application, you will need to create a verified account. The account is the secure portal used for all Government of Alberta portals and websites (i.e. MyHealth Records). To create a verified account you will need a piece of Alberta issued Government ID with your updated address. It can take about a week to create this account so that you can access your student loan. For more information visit Student Aid Verified Accounts.

If you have trouble logging into this account or creating a verified account, contact Alberta Student Aid directly.

How do I answer the question on the Alberta Student Loan that asks: "Are you enrolled in a correspondence/e-learning/distance study program?"

If you are applying for a student loan through Alberta Student Aid, you will answer this question "No" even if some or all of your classes will be delivered online this Winter.

Student loan borrowers from other provinces should check with their province about how to report this on their student loan application.

How do I answer the question on the Alberta Student Loan that asks: "Expected Reduced Yearly Income?"

You will only answer this question if you estimate that your income for 2023 will be less than it was for 2022. This question is a way to recognize that you may not have the same income while you're in school as you did last year. If you expect your income to be the same or higher just leave this question blank.

Do not include the CESB/CERB in your estimation of the Expected Reduced Income for yourself, your parents, or your spouse.

My student loan money hasn't come in yet.

If you have applied for Alberta Student Loans, ensure that you check your application on your Student Aid Alberta portal to identify any possible discrepancies along with your registration. If you cannot identify any discrepancies, please use our contact form and one of our advisors can assist you.

If you have applied for an Out of Province loan, contact us through the Student Service Portal.

How do I apply for Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships?

The deadline for our Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships will close on January 10, 2024.  However, we also offer admission-based scholarships that you don't even have to apply for! You will be evaluated for these admission scholarships when you apply for admission. Your eligibility will be based on your high school admission average at the time of your admission offer. 

You will need your CCID (Campus Computing ID) which is created several days after you have successfully submitted your application to the university.

When will I hear back about my Application Based Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship Application?

If you have received an award offer for the undergraduate Entrance Scholarships, you must accept the award by the indicated deadline on Bear Tracks. There will be no extensions to the acceptance deadline indicated on Bear Tracks. 

Awards will be issued on a rolling basis, and all students who applied for Application Based scholarships will be notified of the results of the competition. 

I have accepted my scholarship/award offers. When will I receive my money?

If you have any outstanding tuition fees, your award payments will be applied directly to your tuition balance first. If you are registered full time in both terms, the value of your awards will be split in half, with 50 per cent of the award applied to your tuition account for the Fall Term and the other 50 per cent applied to your tuition account for the Winter Term. Students will start seeing your awards as “Payments Received” after the Add/Drop deadline has passed. 

I have submitted an External Funding cheque to be applied to my tuition, have you received the cheque?

It can take a few weeks for an external funding cheque to be applied to your account. Check your Account Details in your Bear Tracks. If it has been more than a month since the cheque was sent to the University, confirm with the funder to see if the cheque has been processed/cashed. If you have confirmed that the cheque has been mailed to the correct address at the University, contact the Student Service Centre.

Continuing Education

I am a new student. How can I register for a Continuing Education course?

To secure a spot in your course(s):

Have an active CCID?
You can complete the enrolment online in Bear Tracks — just make sure you proceed to the online credit card payment page to complete the transaction.

Missed the payment page?
No worries! Just hang tight for 30 minutes and the system will reset itself so you can retry your enrollment again. Do not use the Make A Payment options in Bear Tracks.

Don't have a CCID yet?
Sign into our Non-Degree Continuing Education Call Back queue at and we'll complete your registration and payment by phone. This will complete your student profile setup and issue a CCID for future online registrations. The Student Services Centre is available by phone to help you during our business hours.

Are you a University staff member looking to use HRDF for Extension courses?
Email us a course registration form — HRDF is not currently a payment option on our online checkout.

If you have any questions about courses, tuition payment options, or any program offered in the Faculty of Extension, we’d be happy to connect with you and provide answers or advice.

I want to register for a Continuing Education course, and my organization will pay for it. How can I register and set up the payment?

We can invoice organizations for course fees. We require:

  1. A course registration form completed and signed by the student.
  2. A Letter of Authorization on company letterhead or a Purchase Order that includes the student’s name(s), course name(s) and date(s), fees, and the printed name and written signature of an official with signing authority (not the student). The letter must state that the University of Alberta is authorized to invoice for payment.

Alternatively, if your organization does not already have a standard letter of authorization or purchase order that they would like to use, you can submit a Financial Guarantee for Invoicing Form. The forms can be submitted via our contact form.

We also encourage you to review our Withdrawal, Refund, and Transfer Policies and Procedures for Third Party Billing/Sponsorships.
I am an international student and I want to take a few Continuing Education courses. Can I apply for study permit?

Unfortunately, Continuing Education certificates, citations, and diploma programs are non-credit part-time programs and are not eligible for a Canadian study permit. You can take any course or program that is part of an online delivery from your respective country.

If you are an international student, we strongly recommend that you contact U of A International at before applying at the University of Alberta.


When will I receive my room offer for residence?

If you applied for residence for the Fall term, the first round of room offers will be sent out in late May. Room offers will continue to be made throughout the summer. Please continue to monitor your ualberta email and your Residence Account for updates. For more information, visit the Residence website.

I did not apply to live in residence when I applied for admission to the University of Alberta, can I still apply to live in residence?

Yes, to apply for Residence, log into your Residence Account with your CCID and complete the Residence Application. Pay the $25 non-refundable application fee by credit card and submit your application.