Access the right support at the Student Service Centre

The Student Service Centre is here to help you make the most of your university journey. We can help you with questions about transcripts, course registration, updating your application, financial support and more.

Use this page to be sure you’re accessing the right support channel for your needs.

Current Undergraduate Students

Visit the Student Service Centre for: 

  • Course registration and timetabling
  • Financial support
  • Scholarships and awards
  • Fee assessments
  • Graduation and convocation
  • Changes to personal information
  • Proof of Degree

Services not provided by the Student Service Centre

  • Current term enrolment verification documents, official electronic-transcripts or offer of admission letters: available via MyCreds™ | MesCertif™.
  • Academic support and questions regarding program planning, course selection, academic appeals and more: contact your home faculty
  • Education abroad experiences, immigration and intercultural advising, the Certificate in International Learning: contact the International Services Centre

Graduate Students

Contact the Staff Service Centre for: 

  • Employment Related Inquiries (Direct Deposit, Paycheques, etc.)
  • Tuition Remission Inquiries
  • Travel or Expense Claims

Contact the Student Service Centre (SSC) for:

  • Convocation ceremony and related inquiries
  • Bursaries and Emergency Funding
  • Financial aid (provisional loan advising)
  • Campus tours

Contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research (FGSR) for:

  • Admissions (general questions about application process)
  • Program information
  • Changes to personal information or citizenship status
  • Scholarships and awards
  • Student loan form assistance
  • Tuition and fee assessment
  • Graduate exams
  • Letter of Completion (to demonstrate finished coursework before convocation)
  • Enrollment letters for study permits
  • Graduate Student Professional Development, Ethics & Academic Citizenship requirements
  • Graduate Teaching and Learning Program
  • Community engagement

Contact the Teaching Department/Faculty for:

  • Academic and program-specific advising
  • Program check for graduation
  • Registration requests*

* Exception: contact FGSR for Spring/Summer THES 906 and off-campus section of THES 90x enrollment

Online and Continuing Education

Contact the Student Service Centre for:

  • Course registrations and payments
  • Program admission (excluding English Language School) and payments
  • Transcript requests
  • Financial support
  • Scholarships and awards
  • Fee assessments
  • Changes to personal information
  • CCID and Bear Tracks support

Contact your program office for:

  • Academic and program-specific advising
  • Transfer credit approvals
  • Grade changes and appeals
  • Record of Achievement/Series Completion documents


The SSC fills out the following types of forms for undergraduate students:

  • Form B
  • Form D 
  • Part-time loan forms
  • Loan Program Information forms 
  • Some scholarship forms

The SSC does not fill out:

  • RESP forms
  • CPP forms

You can fulfill information requests for these RESP and CPP forms with Verification of Enrollment documents. You can request a Verification of Enrolment anytime via MyCreds™ | MesCertif™.

You may also submit forms that require the Office of the Registrar to complete a section online through our Student Service Portal

If you’re looking for a form to fill out, visit the Office of the Registrar Forms web page