Grade Results and Statements

University policy stipulates that grades be submitted within five working days from the final exam, or (for courses with no final exam) within five working days of the due date for the final assignment. For courses with consolidated exams, grades are to be submitted within ten working days of the final exam.

For the Faculty of Law, grades should be reported no later than the third day of classes in the Winter Term for Fall Term courses, or May 31 for Winter Term or Fall/Winter courses.

For the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry's DDS, Dental Hygiene and MD programs, grades will be released within ten working days of the end of the exam period for the program.

Viewing your grade results in Bear Tracks

You can view your grades in Bear Tracks, under Academics > Grades.

Unofficial final course grades are available to students electronically after the grades have been input and approved by Departments. Grades for courses that are completed in the first half of the term are available mid-term.

Obtaining your Statement of Results

Release of Grades: Official statements of final grades in courses are now available to students electronically on Bear Tracks. They are not mailed out to students. Statements of Results are available once your academic standing has been reviewed and approved by the Faculty and it includes your GPA and any academic standing comments that your Faculty may have assigned. You can view your Statement of Results on Bear Tracks under 'Academics', 'Statement of Results'. The Registrar's Office will send an e-mail to your University of Alberta e-mail address when your Faculty has approved the grades and your Statement of Results is available.

Usually, statements are provided at the following times:

Student registered in: Statement on Bear Tracks:
Fall Term only early February
Fall/Winter Terms late May
Spring Term only early July
Spring/Summer Terms late August/early September

If you require an Official Certificate of your grades for a specific term, please see our Verification Documents section.

If you would like to view your Unofficial Transcript or order an Official Transcript of your entire academic record, please see our Transcript section.

Information on Reappraisals and Reexaminations can be found on our Examinations page.