Verification Documents

Verification documents can be requested for one of the following reasons:

  • Proof of course completion
  • Employment (job application) purposes
  • Immigration (i.e. leaving or entering the country while a student)
  • Banking (i.e. student line of credit or RESP)
  • RESPs set up through bank
  • Proof of degree for certain agencies (APEGA, CARNA, ATA/TQS, etc.)
  • Insurance or daycare purposes
You can also download a download a standard, official U of A letter from the Vice-Provost and University Registrar that includes an explanation of the institution-wide change in grading to CR/NC for Winter 2020.

Types of verification documents

The type of verification document you need may depend on your reason for a verification document:

Document Reason
Enrolment verification Proof of your registration status (full-time or part-time) in the selected terms
Enrolment verification including courses Proof of your registration status in the selected terms with a list of your enrolled courses
Enrolment verification including courses and grades Proof of your registration status in the selected terms with a list of your courses and final grades
Degree/credential verification1,2 Proof of your degree completion and graduation.

1 If you have recently applied for a degree and a decision is still pending (i.e., your degree has not yet been awarded), you will not be able to request a Degree/Credential Verification document.

2 The Degree/Credential Verification is released only after any outstanding accounts with any department at the University of Alberta have been settled. Please review the Financial Holds page for more information.

How to request a verification document

You can request a Verification Document in one of the following ways:

  • Bear Tracks

    1. Log in to Bear Tracks

    2. Go to 'Academics' > 'Verification Documents'

    You can either print the verification document directly from Bear Tracks, or submit a request for it to be mailed to you.

    If you no longer have access to Bear Tracks, see one of the other options below.
  • Written request

    If you do not have access to Bear Tracks, you can submit a written request.

    1. Compose a written request in a document. In this document, please include:
      • Your Name
      • Your Student ID Number
      • Type of Verification Document
      • Term(s) desired
      • Number of copies
      • Address to where the Verification Document(s) should be mailed via regular postal service
      • Your signature
    2. Submit your signed, written request document to Student Connect via mail, fax, or our online contact form.

    Mailing address:

    Office of the Registrar
    Administration Building
    University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
    T6G 2M7



    Online contact form:

    Go to our online contact form and select "UAlberta Degree and Education Verification Requests" as your subject line. Remember to attach your signed document.