Changes to Personal Information

Find out how to change aspects of your personal record, including contact information, legal or preferred name, gender designation, and immigration status.

Contact information

Students are responsible for the accuracy and validity of their contact information. Important correspondence can be forwarded to students throughout the academic year and beyond.

Use Bear Tracks to update the contact information if you are a student, new applicant, or a former student who has continually maintained online access.

Students without Bear Tracks access can complete the Change of Correspondence Address Form (PDF). Submit the form to the  Student Service Centre.

When submitting, please make sure to include your student ID, effective date of the change, and ensure you sign the form.

Legal and preferred name

Legal name

Your University of Alberta record must contain your full legal name. This is the name that appears on legal documents such as your birth certificate or passport. Your legal name is also referred to as your primary name. Official documentation issued by the Office of the Registrar will contain your legal name. Examples of these include Offer of Admission letters, Statement of Results, Official Transcripts, T2202A for tax purposes, and degree parchments.

To change your legal name on your university record, you must complete a Name Change form (PDF) and provide acceptable supporting documentation. 

Completed Name Change forms, along with supporting documentation, can be submitted online through the Contact Form or in-person at the  Student Service Centre.

No legal name changes will be completed without the required documentation noted on the Name Change form. Ensure that you submit your form to the appropriate office as noted on the form, depending on your relationship with the University of Alberta.

If you have a degree parchment and you wish to have it reprinted in your new name, you must request this separately. Instructions on how to do so can be found in the Degree Reprints section .

Preferred Name

You may wish to provide the university with a preferred first or middle name. By entering your preferred name on Bear Tracks, you acknowledge and agree that the university, in the course of any communications and activities related to the use of your name, as determined by the university in its sole discretion, may use either your preferred first name or your legal first name.

You acknowledge and agree that your preferred first name shall comply with all university policies and procedures and that the university may disallow, for any reason whatsoever, your choice of preferred name. Finally, you expressly acknowledge and agree that the university has no obligation, duty or liability to you, in any way whatsoever, respecting the use of either your preferred name or legal name in the course of any communications and activities.

To update your preferred first or middle name, log in to Bear Tracks and go to 'Personal Information' > 'Names'. Bear Tracks should reflect the changes immediately once saved.

Gender designation

To request a gender designation change, please submit a written request to the  Student Service Centre through our Contact Form , in person, by fax, or by mail.

Please include your student ID number and ensure you sign the request. If you require any further information, please contact the  Student Service Centre.

If you would also like to change your legal or preferred name, please follow the steps under the heading above.

Additional resources are available through the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Service (iSMSS).

Immigration status


If your immigration status changes after your initial application to this university, you will have to submit official documentation in order to have your status changed.

You can request a citizenship status change by bringing in your original documents to the  Student Service Centre in person or by submitting Certified True Copies of your documents via paper mail.

A Certified True Copy is a photocopy of the original document attested to by a Guarantor. Faxed or emailed copies of the documentation are not acceptable.

Your Guarantor cannot be a relative and must be in one of the following groups:

  • Minister of Religion
  • Signing Officer of a banking institution
  • Legal professional (including a Police Officer)
  • University instructor
  • Teacher or School Principal
  • Person occupying a senior administrative position at a university or community college
  • Medical professional
  • Professional Accountant or Engineer
  • Mayor
  • Postmaster
  • Indigenous Elder

Your Guarantor's name, position, and original signature must appear on the photocopy of your documentation, as well as the date signed, if you are presenting it as a Certified True Copy.

No immigration status changes will be completed without the supporting documentation noted above.

Change status to Permanent Resident of Canada

In order to update your citizenship status, we require a Certified True Copy of either the official Confirmation of Permanent Residence form, completed and signed by an immigration official, or a Certified True Copy of your Permanent Resident Card, issued by Citizenship and Immigration.

Once your documents have been received and approved by the Office of the Registrar, your citizenship record will be updated. If you are a registered student in the current term, your International Differential Fees will be removed for the current term and on an ongoing basis.

Change status to Canadian Citizen

We require a Certified True Copy of your Certificate of Canadian Citizenship and/or Canadian Passport in order for your citizenship status to be updated.

Change status to Convention Refugee or Person in Need of Protection in Canada

We require a Certified True Copy of your Notice of Decision or Status Verification documentation. Once your documents have been received and approved by the Office of the Registrar, your citizenship record will be updated. If you are a registered student in the current term, your International Differential Fees will be removed for the current term and on an ongoing basis.


If you are a graduate student, your immigration status change must be done through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

Providing a Social Insurance Number

Why is the University of Alberta asking for my Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

Effective for the 2019 tax year, all post-secondary institutions are required to provide the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) with a students' corresponding SIN on taxation forms like the T2202 (Tuition and Enrolment Certificate). A T2202 is produced for all students at the University of Alberta who are registered in credit courses and qualifying non-credit courses..

Further information on the eligibility of education and textbook amounts can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency's website.

More information about authorized federal uses of the SIN can be found here.

Where can I enter my SIN in the U of A's system?

You can provide your SIN in Bear Tracks. After you have logged in you should receive a prompt to add your SIN to your student profile. If you have not received this prompt you may also click on  Profile > Social Insurance Number from the drop down menu.

Is it safe to provide my SIN number electronically?

Bear Tracks is a password protected secure environment that encrypts your personal information.The university will not request your SIN through any other method (phone, email, etc.)

You should never provide your SIN information via email or phone.

What if I have provided an incorrect SIN number to the U of A or I need to update it?

If you have noticed that the SIN is incorrect on your file or you are getting an error message when you are trying to update your SIN on BearTracks , you will need to provide us with the updated SIN information via mail to the Office of the Registrar.

You can send a photocopy of your SIN documentation to the address below. Please also include your student ID number somewhere on the photocopied document. Please DO NOT submit an electronic copy for security purposes. 

Once we receive the document and update our records, your SIN documentation will be destroyed. 

Our mailing address:

Office of the Registrar
Administration Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB  T6G 2M7

*Note: A photocopy is sufficient, certified copy is not required.

I don't have a SIN. How can I apply for one?

Visit our webpage on Social Insurance Numbers for details on how to apply, this process can take up to 20 days.

I misplaced or can't remember my SIN. What should I do?

The easiest way to access your SIN is to consult your most recent Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency. If this isn't available, you can request a confirmation of SIN from Service Canada. The Government of Canada's Employment and Social Development website will provide you with details on what documentation you will need to request a confirmation.

I am a non-resident of Canada. Am I required to provide a SIN?

Typically, if you are a non-resident of Canada, you are not required to provide a SIN unless you have received a scholarship, award, bursary or other financial support from the U of A. The U of A is required by the Canada Revenue Agency to prepare T4A tax forms for students receiving financial support and a SIN is required to complete the tax form.

The Canada Revenue Agency's definition of a non-resident for tax purposes can be found here. Please see above for directions on entering your SIN in Bear Tracks and applying for a SIN, if necessary.

If you have any further questions about the use of your personal information or require support on providing your SIN, please contact Student Service Centre.