Exam Guidelines for Students

The Examinations and Timetabling department within the Office of the Registrar provides the following guidelines for students:

Exam dates, times, and locations

Your personal exam schedule can be found in Bear Tracks under the My Schedule & Exam tile; Final Exam Schedule page.

Scheduling conflicts

If you have questions about your exam schedule, please contact Student Connect (select "Exam schedule and grading" as the subject).


Absence from final examinations will be excused only in a case of illness or other extreme circumstance. A student who is ill or suffering from severe domestic affliction is advised not to sit for a final examination. See also What to do when you are sick (Students).

A student who has missed a final examination because of illness or domestic affliction or who is obliged to be absent from an examination for some other compelling reason (including religious convictions) may apply for a deferred examination.

Please see the Academic Regulations, Attendance section of the University Calendar regarding Missed Term Work and the Academic Regulations, Examinations (Exams), Deferred Final Exams section regarding Absence from Exams.

Other guidelines

Seating Arrangements: Seating lists will not be published for these final examinations. Where more than one examination is being written in the same room, the general seating arrangements are given in the timetable and should be carefully noted.

Admission to the Examination:
In Person: Students are expected to have in their possession suitable identification (student ONEcard) that they can produce for inspection by the invigilator when requested.

Online: Students may use their virtual ONECard for identity validation. Other identification may be used at the discretion of the instructor.

Be Prompt: There will be no admission to the examination rooms after examination have been in progress for 30 minutes. Students should not arrive until 15 minutes before their examination are scheduled to commence.

Questions concerning the examination schedule can be submitted to the Examinations and Timetabling office by completing the Contact Form.

For additional information regarding online exams, please refer to the following Student FAQs for Remote Delivery Exams.