Course Registration

Use Bear Tracks to register in courses and manage your schedule. See below for step-by-step instructions, hints, and tips.

For academic advising specific to your program, please contact an advisor in your faculty or department.

Need help with Bear Tracks? See Bear Tracks Resources or contact Student Connect.

How to register in courses

  • Check your requirements

    Before you register in courses, you should first find out which courses you are required to take for your degree. These requirements are listed in the University Calendar, under the program descriptions ("Undergraduate Programs"). For more information about the University Calendar, see About the Calendar.

    For more help with academic advising specific to your program, please contact an advisor in your faculty.

  • Search / browse courses

    The best way to search or browse our 6,500+ course listings is by using Bear Tracks. (Courses are also listed in the University Calendar.)

    In Bear Tracks, go to Academics > Search, then select "Search for Classes" or "Browse Course Catalog."

    Bear Tracks also offers the My Planner feature. This tool helps you plan the courses you might want to take throughout your degree. For more information on how to use the Planner feature, watch the video tutorial.

  • Design your schedule

    Prior to your Enrolment Date, you can build a draft schedule in Bear Tracks, using the Schedule Builder feature. (You will first need to accept your offer and pay your tuition deposit, if applicable.) Researching course options and creating a schedule without time conflicts can be a lot of work, so drafting a schedule in advance is highly recommended!

    On or after your Enrolment Date, you can transfer your draft schedule (Schedule Builder) to your real schedule (My Class Schedule) without having to find and add your courses again. This will allow you to enrol more quickly once registration opens, which gives you a better chance of getting into the classes you want before they fill up.

    To transfer your draft schedule to My Class Schedule once registration opens, go to Academics > Enrol / Add.

    Tips for building a schedule:

    • Note which courses have the fewest sections (and/or are required for your degree), and build those into your timetable first.

    • Register for both Fall and Winter term courses at the same time, in the spring.

    • Note that some courses are two-term (six-credit) courses; ensure that you register for both sections together (which will consist of a part A and part B).

    • For courses that also have labs, consider taking lectures early in the day and labs later in the day, or vice-versa. Engineering students in their Qualifying Year must follow instructions for Engineering Timetable Patterns.

    • Note that some class schedules may result in conflicting exam times. Use the Exam Planner to determine the dates and times of final exams and avoid conflicts. This information can also be found in Bear Tracks using the "Tentative Exam Schedule" link on the Schedule Builder page.

  • Register in courses (Add / Drop / Swap)

    You will be notified via email when you are eligible to begin registration (this is your Enrolment Date). Course registration opens several months in advance of each term, and you will have the best class selection if you register early.

    How to enrol

    • On or after your Enrolment Date, until the term registration deadline:

    • In Bear Tracks, go to Academics > Enrol / Add

    • Add your desired courses individually, or import your draft schedule (Schedule Builder). You can view schedule tips above in the Design Your Schedule section.

    • You can also Drop or Swap courses up until the term registration deadline

    • After you've enrolled in all your courses, check My Class Schedule to to review your class schedule and locations.

    Tips and troubleshooting:

    • If a class is full, you can add that class to your Watch List; an email notification will then be sent to your UAlberta email account if and when a spot becomes available, at which time you can log in to Bear Tracks to attempt to register in that class again. (Watch List registration is first-come, first-served.)

    • Some classes are closed to web registration; in that case, please speak to an advisor in your faculty/department about getting registered in those courses.

    • You won't be able to register in courses if you have a Financial Hold on your account. In Bear Tracks, go to the Financials tab to see if you have a hold on your record, the amount owing, and which department you need to contact to clear the hold. For more information see Financial Holds.

    For more detailed step-by-step instructions for each process, consult the Bear Tracks User Guide (PDF).
  • View and pay your fees

    You can view your fee assessment and current balance in Bear Tracks, under the Financials tab. Note that your fee assessment only reflects the costs associated with your courses; it does not necessarily reflect your balance or any payments that have been made.

    You will receive an email notification when your Fee Assessment is available. Fee Assessments are usually released in July for Fall and Winter terms, and in March for Spring and Summer terms.

    The deadline to pay your fees for the upcoming term(s) will be indicated in Bear Tracks. Failure to pay on time will result in late payment penalty charges.

    Payment options

    Tuition fees can be paid through Bear Tracks via online bank transfer. Tuition fees cannot be paid by credit card. For a complete list of payment options, see the Payment Options page.

How to make changes

  • Change your registration
    After you have registered in courses, you can still add, drop, or swap courses (pending space/availability) until the add/drop deadline.

    After the deadline, only course withdrawals can be processed. Withdrawals can be processed in Bear Tracks. Some withdrawals will be processed immediately, while others may require faculty review. Continue to attend classes until you have confirmation in Bear Tracks that your withdrawal has been processed.

    If you decide not to attend, be sure to drop all of your courses before the add/drop deadline (or, after the deadline, withdraw). Otherwise, you will need to pay the fees for those courses and will also receive failing grades in those courses.
  • Change to a new program

    Be sure you are enrolled in the right program before you begin registering in courses!

    If you are :

    • a continuing student, and you are changing to a new program, or

    • a newly admitted student, and you have accepted a new (second) admission offer

    You will have to change your program in Bear Tracks - even if you have accepted your new offer - before you begin registering in courses.

    To change your program, go to Academics > Enrol / Change Program.

    Note that you won't be able to change programs until on or after your Enrolment Date.

    For more information see Program Changes.