Plan & Organize


Group Students

Three different group modes exist for students to work and participate in different eClass activities: no groups, separate groups or visible groups.

  • Creating Groups
    It takes just two simple steps to set up an eClass group. Follow the step-by-step guide to get started.
  • Working with Groups  eClass
    Discover a variety of options and functions you can utilize when working with eClass groups.
  • Group Sign-Up  eClass
    Group sign-up block, an extension of the Groups functionality, allows students to create groups or join pre-existing ones to collaborate.

Content Layouts for Courses (Formats)

We understand that teaching doesn’t have a one-size fits all approach, which is why as an instructor, you have a number of content layout options to ensure your eClass course works for your needs.

  • Course Formats  eClass
    Course format options organize and structure your course content differently, without affecting the content itself. Choose from six available options.

Create Course Learning Outcomes

Students benefit from clearly articulated and assessed course-level learning outcomes, which are also the foundation for an effectively aligned and integrated curriculum.

  • Learning Outcomes
    Harness CTL’s resources outlining best practices, how-to guides and presentations on creating learning outcomes.

Syllabus Creation Tool

Syllabi are critical in defining course expectations and responsibilities. With eClass, you can generate your course syllabus using a custom tool that makes it editable and downloadable.