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Application Development

Application Development

Supporting institutional level applications, our team also provides custom software, quality assurance, software/automated testing, and data integration.

CCIDs & Passwords

CCID + Passwords

Your CCID is the key to accessing an abundance of University resources. Reset a forgotten password, change your password, create an email alias and more!

Desktop Support & Evergreening

Desktop Support + Evergreening

We provide support for standard computers, definine standards for workstations, and manage procurement, inventory and evergreening.


Chief Information Security Officer

The CISO oversees UAlberta's efforts to protect its computing and information assets, and to comply with applicable regulations, laws, and policies. Discover how to protect yourself online.

Email & Calendaring

Email + Calendaring

Access your email, calendar and other key G Suite apps, stay up to date on the latest Google news, and visit the toolkit for learning opportunities.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

Easily access University-wide applications including BearTracks, Campus Solutions, Financials, HCM and more in one convenient place.

IT Professionals

IT Professionals

A curated list of resources specifically for IT professionals across the University including materials on networking standards, security services and more!

Labs & Classrooms

Labs + Classrooms

Space you require to teach, study, learn and grow. Book labs and classrooms across the University, and discover how our team can support you in the process.

Learning Assessment Centre

Learning Assessment Centre

The Learning Assessment Centre offers secure, proctored digital exam services making testing efficient for instructors, and comfortable for students.

Mobile & Desk Phones

Mobile + Desktop Phones

Offering telephones, mobile device management, directory service, and teleconferencing support, we help you connect from your desk, boardroom, or on the go.

Printer Support

Printer Support

We provide support for different types of printers, including All-in-One Xerox Printers, Desktop printers, and some Specialty Printers & Scanners.

Remote Conferencing

Remote Conferencing

Discover available conferencing options including teleconferencing, web and video conferencing, providing you with flexible and convenient ways to connect.

Research Computing

Research Computing

Connecting researchers to national digital research infrastructure, solutions and support. Reach out to our team to see how we can assist with your research needs.

Software and Hardware Vendors

Software + Hardware

Access discounted software titles through our online software portal, explore technology bundles, discover preferred hardware vendors and more.

Test Scoring & Questionnaire Services

Test Scoring + Questionnaire Services

Discover how we can support you with test scoring, survey data collection, and general data-collection activities for your courses or projects.

UWS and Internet

UWS + Internet Access

From wireless access available campus-wide to remote access through our Virtual Private Network services, we’ll make sure you stay connected.