Information Security

We need YOU!

Safeguarding UAlberta's Information Technology (IT) resources and information requires more than just antivirus software. It requires you.

Protecting University IT resources and data requires diligence and cooperation from all stakeholders including faculty, staff, and students. Risks and exposures to the University's IT resources, including but not limited to the network, computers, and data, are many and varied. We therefore need your commitment to secure your computer, keep your data safe, and use IT resources in a responsible and appropriate manner.

It takes far less time to keep your computer secure and use IT resources responsibly than it does to recover from a security breach. Your computer and records/data are unavailable to you after a compromise, and the negative impact in terms of finances, legal liability, regulatory body sanction, and public relations is potentially enormous.

In order to mitigate these risks, the CISO office is committed to developing policies, standards, guidelines, security awareness training, and other resources to empower the UAlberta community and help protect IT resources and data.