Feedback Collection Methods


Universal Student Ratings of Instruction (USRI)

Based on GFC policy, USRIs gather feedback from classes to help instructors, departments and faculties improve curriculum and instruction.

Formative Feedback

Many options are available for administering midterm course and instruction feedback questionnaires to your class. Learn which will work best for you. 

  • Midterm Course and Instruction Feedback Questionnaires
    Midterm Course and Instruction Feedback questionnaires are an option available for instructors seeking feedback from students on course materials, teaching methods, assignments, and specific suggestions about the course.
  • In Course Feedback Activities  eClass
    The eClass feedback activity allows instructors to have students respond to a series of questions, like a quiz, regarding the course.
  • Anonymous Forums  eClass
    As an alternative to the standard Forum activity on eClass, discover how to add Anonymous Forums that students can post to.

Online Surveys

TSQS offers online survey services to the UAlberta community and external institutions. Discover the tools we use to conduct them and which service you need.

  • Online Surveys
    Discover the information required to get started on creating a general web survey, and which tool can best support you.

Course Evaluation

 Our online evaluation system includes capabilities to implement an array of evaluations with different assessment focus.