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Your Campus Computing ID (CCID) is your main portal to accessing an abundance of campus resources. Created using a combination of your first and last name, your CCID provides access to applications like Bear Tracks, Email & Apps, and more!


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*NEW* Reset your password at any time, without needing to call or visit a help desk. To use this service, you must first enrol.  Learn more.

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Due to storage changes with Google’s email accounts and to align with best practices for data management and file storage, the university implemented changes to how U of A email accounts are managed.

Learn more on how your account may have been affected: Changes to U of A Accounts

Commonly Asked Questions

Getting and using your CCID

When do I use my CCID?

Your CCID is used across campus to access a number of different resources. CCIDs can be used to access library materials, book computer labs, use GSuite apps (including Gmail), print from computers, log into Bear Tracks, and more!

CCIDs also function as your direct link to the University of Alberta. All official emails concerning your education or your work will be sent to your UAlberta Gmail.

How do I enrol in the Self Serve Password Reset tool?

The University of Alberta has enabled self serve password resets for students, faculty, and staff. This will allow anyone with a CCID the opportunity to reset their password through the Self Service Password Reset tool without needing to call or visit a help desk, and can be done from any device, at any time, and from any location. To use this service, you will first need to enrol by providing a verified and current cell phone number and/or alternate email address not tied to the CCID for which you are enrolling.

For step-by-step instructions on how to enrol, visit Enrol and Manage Self Service Password Reset Methods.

I’m an applicant or a student, when do I get my CCID?

Once you apply by electronic application to the University of Alberta, you will receive your CCID and password by personal email address within two days. If you submit a hard-copy application, it could take additional time to process.

I’m faculty or staff, when do I get my CCID?
Your CCID and password are automatically created for you upon hire. Details for logging in using your CCID and accessing your UAlberta email account will be sent to the email you provided during your application/recruitment process.
What happens to my CCID if I change my name?

In the event of a legal name change, you will first need to submit the Name Change Form to Human Resource Services or the Office of the Registrar, to have your name updated in our systems. Once this has been done, you can request an email alias reflecting your new name.

If required, we can rename your CCID, however, this will mean that emails can no longer be delivered to your original CCID. If this is not a concern, please contact the Staff Service Centre to request a CCID rename.

I’m a guest at the university, how do I get a CCID?
In some cases, CCIDs for Guests are created by your university department. If you have questions about CCIDs for Guests, please reach out to your departmental contact or contact the Staff Service Centre.
What are the password requirements for my CCID account?
When your CCID and password are first emailed to you, you will be required to change your password to make it secure prior to use. To change your password, visit our password change page. Keep in mind that your password must meet certain requirements to be considered secure in order to protect your information. For suggestions on creating a secure password, view our list of Tips for Creating a Secure Password.
What happens to my CCID when I leave the University?

Throughout your time at the University, your CCID will remain active in accordance with your official relationship(s) with the University of Alberta.

Students: Once your relationship with the University has ended, your CCID has the potential to expire.

Graduates/Alumni: As a graduate with an awarded degree from the University of Alberta, you get to keep a CCID. Logging in with the CCID regularly will prevent it from expiring automatically.

Employees: Access to the CCID used during your employment will be revoked at the end of your employment with the University. You will be provided with a net-new CCID to access your financial information from Bear Tracks for 18 months after your employment end date. If you are a graduate with an awarded degree, you can keep the new CCID beyond 18 months.

Emeritus Designation: If you have retired and hold an emeritus designation, your CCID will not expire in your lifetime. Your relationship with the University, and your CCID, will be maintained for the rest of your life.

NOTE: The CCID lifecycles outlined here are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the University of Alberta. Any changes to the lifecycle of a CCID will void the lifecycles outlined in this article.

See our service catalog to request offboarding the CCID of an outgoing employee.

What is my responsibility with the use of my CCID?

The CCID assigned to you is for your personal use to access not only university resources and services, but your personal information and records as well. Do not allow anyone other than yourself to use your CCID. Never share your password with anyone. You are responsible and accountable for using your CCID in an ethical manner, which includes respecting the privacy and dignity of others. You must not use your CCID for illegal activity, copyright infringement, profit-making activities, harassment of others, etc.

For more information, please read the Information Technology Use and Management Policy.

Be aware that if you illegally download copyright materials, you may receive an email notice from an external organization detailing the alleged copyright infringement. For more information on such notices, please review information on the University of Alberta’s Copyright Office website.

What is the University of Alberta’s responsibility in administering CCID records?

CCIDs are the property of the University of Alberta and are an integral part of the computing facilities provided by the University for students and employees to work and learn. The University will manage and operate the computing facilities in a manner that provides the security and integrity of computing activities, the privacy and confidentiality of information, and the ethical use of resources, information, and property. The University has the authority to investigate abuses of computing privileges, and to take the appropriate action to resolve any violation of computing privileges.

For more information, please read the Information Technology Use and Management Policy.

What is a secondary CCID and how do I get one?

A secondary CCID is typically created for a departmental purpose, rather than created for an individual person. Secondary CCIDs can be created for conferences, student groups, business processes, courses or other applications. Department and Faculty CCID Authorized Approvers have the ability to create secondary CCIDs for their own department or faculty.

If you would like to request a new Student Group CCID, please fill in this form. If you would like to transfer ownership of an existing Student Group CCID to another member in your group, please fill in this form.


I just got my CCID but I don’t know my password and haven’t logged in yet, can I use Self Serve Password Reset?
If you have not logged in with your CCID yet, or have not enrolled any self serve reset methods, you cannot use the Self Service Password Reset tool. To use the Self Service Password Reset tool with your CCID, you first need to enrol. For step-by-step instructions on how to enrol, visit the Enrol and Manage Self Service Password Reset Methods article.
How do I get help with issues related to my CCID?

There may be a range of problems, issues, or concerns you could encounter with the use of your CCID. The primary contact for assistance with your CCID is the IT Service Desk. Contact the Staff Service Centre for support.

Can I test my CCID password to see if it is working correctly?
You can verify your password on the MyCCID test your password page. Your password will be tested against multiple services to ensure that it is valid and functioning properly.
Why am I having trouble accessing PeopleSoft?
If you were prompted to complete the Security and Privacy Employee Acknowledgement (SPED) prior to logging in to PeopleSoft, there is a 15 minute grace period you will need to wait for your acknowledgment to be processed. If you are still having trouble logging in after that time period, contact the Staff Service Centre.
I still haven't received my CCID and temporary password, what should I do?
Be sure to check your email’s spam and trash folders. If you still can’t find it, please reach out to your departmental contact or the Staff Service Centre.
How do I request assistance for a student group CCID?

If you are part of a registered student group at the U of A, you may:

How do I get assistance with Active Directory Accounts?
The Central Domain or Active Directory (AD) is a centralized directory service from Microsoft. Some computers on campus require you to log in with a Central Domain Account before using them. On a PC , if your login screen has the words, “Sign in to:” under the username and password fields, the computer is a part of a domain. On a Mac, please contact us if you are unsure. This can be requested by the person needing an account or their supervisor with signing authority.