Introducing Self Service Password Resets

The University of Alberta has enabled self service password resets for students, faculty, and staff. This will allow anyone with a CCID the opportunity to reset their password through the Self Service Password Reset tool without needing to call or visit a help desk, and can be done from any device, at any time, and from any location. To use this service, you will first need to enrol by providing a current mobile phone number and/or alternate email address through the below link. Once this information has been provided, a verification code will be sent to the reset method you have selected to complete the enrolment process.

Everyone with a CCID is expected to enrol in self service password resets over time. You have the option to enrol now, or you will be reminded to enrol at a later date when logging into single sign on applications with your CCID. Those who have enroled will be asked on an annual basis to renew their reset methods to verify they are accurate and up-to-date by visiting

Complete your Self Service Password Reset enrolment now:

Enrol Now!

Note: If you select email address as your reset method, you must use an alternate email address not tied to your CCID. For step-by-step instructions on how to enrol, visit this Knowledge Base Article.

Please feel free to contact the Staff Service Centre if you have any questions.


Why should I enrol?

Enrolment improves the security position of the University, by eliminating the need for help desk personnel to identify callers on the telephone, without requiring an in-person ID check. Self-serve also provides users a 24x7 ability to recover access to an account where the password is no longer known, and improves IT support efficiency, allowing support staff to deliver higher-value support to the user community. Everyone with a CCID is expected to enrol in self service password resets.

Why do I have to provide my mobile phone number and/or alternate email address?

Your mobile phone number and/or an alternate email address is used to ensure you are able to access the necessary information needed to reset your password. If you forget your password and need to reset it, you would be unable to access your UAlberta email and would need to access password reset information through your mobile phone number and/or alternate email address.