In Person Delivery

Classroom Technologies

IST offers a variety of classroom technologies to make delivering lectures easy, efficient and collaborative.

  • Labs and Classrooms
    Our lab and classroom spaces offer an abundance of seating sizes and software options to accommodate you. Most are open 24/7, however please be sure to check the building hours.
  • Hybrid Classrooms
    A hybrid classroom is a learning space equipped with the ability to stream a class for online learning.

Room Bookings

We provide the space you require to teach, study, learn and grow at the University. Learn more about what is offered and how to book a space.

  • Computer Lab Bookings
    Browse all lab spaces available to instructors. Rooms are available with an abundance of seating sizes and software options to accommodate you. Book now!
  • Classroom Bookings
    Browse all classroom spaces available to instructors. Academic uses will be prioritized.

Video Services

Whether capturing a lecture to share with distanced students, or having a guest present remotely from abroad, we’ll streamline the setup of materials and offer training.

  • Lecture Recording Overview  eClass
    Recorded lectures posted in eClass give students the flexibility to view them on demand. Review the options available to instructors as well as our recommendations and available tools.
  • Stream2: Pre-recording Lectures  eClass
    Learn how to use Stream2 to record and instantly embed lectures into your eClass course.
  • Stream2: Uploading and Embedding Media  eClass
    Discover how to use Stream2 to record and instantly stream your live recording to students.

Lecture Engagement Tools

Committed to providing tools and technologies that support teaching and learning, explore our lecture engagement tools that are easy to use, efficient, and responsive.

  • ePoll  eClass
    As the online student response tool, ePoll is designed to make classroom engagement easier for both students and instructors.
  • CTL Software Consultation
    CTL provides consultations and workshops which focus on effective teaching using software including audio/video, polling, screen capture and presenting.
  • Engaging and Managing Your Class  UAlberta
    Learn strategies for creating an effective learning environment online and in person.

Equipment Loans

From cameras to microphones and more, we offer self-serve equipment loans with in person one-on-one training should you need it. Contact us now for more information.

  • Equipment List
    Browse our equipment list and find what you need for your class or meeting, including specific Equipment Loan Packages.
  • Training
    We offer in person, one-on-one training so you feel confident and comfortable in using the equipment you rent. Contact us now to get started.