The Centre for Teaching and Learning offers consultations on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to:

The Development of Teaching

  • Accessible Pedagogies including access, Universal Design, and fostering communities of care in teaching and learning.
  • Assessment
    e.g. summative (ex: tests, exams, question types, open-book exams, group projects, presentation) and formative (quizzes, one-minute paper, concept map, exit tickets, poll, jamboard) assessment. Alternative forms of assessment (portfolios, journals, posters, videos, interviews, performance tasks).
  • Course Design
    e.g. instructional materials, learning activities, learning outcomes, feedback and assessment.
  • Curriculum
    e.g. program design, program review, curriculum mapping.
  • Digital Pedagogies
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity
  • Evaluation of Teaching: e.g. peer review of teaching, teaching dossier/portfolio, teaching philosophy, reflections on teaching practice.
  • Indigenizing Curricula and Pedagogies including Indigenous curriculum and Indigenous pedagogy as well as decolonizing teaching and learning.
  • Instructional Delivery
    e.g. active learning strategies, student engagement and motivation, forms and methods of instruction.
  • Learning Environments
    e.g. classroom management, fostering positive relationships, dealing with difficult students.
  • Online and Hybrid Teaching
    e.g. online presence, engagement strategies, special considerations for online course design.
  • Writing Pedagogies and multimodal communication pedagogies

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