The Centre for Teaching and Learning supports instructors and programs to develop engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students by inspiring, empowering, modelling, and connecting excellent teaching at the University of Alberta.

Vision: CTL promotes excellent university teaching that leads to engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students.

Mission: We pursue this goal through a combination of consultation, facilitation, technology integration, collaboration, and research to advocate for and support evidence-based, responsive, and positive change in teaching and learning. We strive to:

  • Empower instructors to develop and refine their teaching skills and to adopt and evaluate new teaching practices and technology through workshops, seminars, and individual consultations; we provide advice, resources, and tools which are evidence-based and linked to the literature.
  • Connect communities of educators through workshops, peer mentorship, and institution-wide events about teaching; we develop reciprocal relationships with instructors; we integrate with and advise the campus community by partnering and/or serving on committees and working groups about teaching, learning, educational technology, and curriculum.
  • Model respectful relationships with learners and incorporate pedagogical best practices into our workshops, courses, events; we conduct research and program evaluation to advance knowledge of teaching and learning, benefit our university community, and to inform our own practice.
  • Inspire positive change by coordinating teaching awards and funding opportunities which enable and showcase excellence and innovation in teaching; we bring national and international experts in university teaching to speak at institution-wide and faculty-specific events.