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CTL offers workshops and webinars on a range of teaching and learning topics to serve the diverse needs of our faculty and instructional community. Upon request, we can also offer unit-specific workshops on topics within our current portfolio.

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Foundations of Teaching Program

(September 5–⁠November 7, 2023)

The purpose of the Foundations of Teaching Program is to provide opportunities for instructors to build a baseline understanding of effective pedagogy based on University of Alberta’s Framework for Effective Teaching.

With two sessions for each of the five elements of the framework (Expertise, Content and Outcomes; Course Design; Instructional Practices; Learning Environment; Reflection, Growth and Leadership), the Foundations of Teaching program provides a variety of opportunities for instructors to discover new teaching pedagogies, reflect on their own practices and identify areas for continuous improvement and growth.

The Foundations of Teaching Program has been created so each session is independent of the others (although there are some conceptual overlaps). Instructors do not need to commit to all ten sessions but can determine which are most relevant to their teaching and pedagogical needs.

  • Foundations of Teaching: Course Alignment (September 5)
  • Foundations of Teaching: Instructional Materials (September 12)
  • Foundations of Teaching: Learning Outcomes (September 19)
  • Foundations of Teaching: Assessment as, for, of Learning (September 26)
  • Foundations of Teaching: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (October 3)
  • Foundations of Teaching: Creating Supportive and Inclusive Learning Environments (October 10)
  • Foundations of Teaching: Using Technology to Enhance Learning (October 17)
  • Foundations of Teaching: Developing a Teaching Dossier (October 24)
  • Foundations of Teaching: Facilitation of Course Delivery (October 31)
  • Foundations of Teaching: Pedagogies of Learning (November 7)

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New to University of Alberta Onboarding of Teaching

New to University of Alberta Onboarding of Teaching

(August 14–⁠November 23, 2023)

New to the University of Alberta? Teaching your first course at the U of A? Join the Centre for Teaching and Learning’s “New to University of Alberta Onboarding of Teaching” Program!

If you are a new sessional or faculty hire at the University of Alberta or have been hired in the last two years, CTL has programming specific to your needs. Join other instructors who are preparing to teach or are teaching their first courses at the U of A to share experiences and to learn more about teaching at the U of A.

Whether you are teaching a course in-person, online, or hybrid from any of the five campus locations, or you are teaching in a classroom, lab, studio, or field placement in the community, CTL's Team Members welcome you and are ready to partner with you for the development of your teaching practice.

Instructors are invited to attend all of the programming, or you can register for only the sessions you need this semester.

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