Voice Your Teaching Needs: CTL’s Annual Instructor Survey


The Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Alberta partners with instructors and programs to develop engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students by inspiring, empowering, modelling, and connecting excellent teaching.

An image of a Megaphone announcing the words: Submit Your Proposal! Additional text on the left hand side with the words: Hybrid Festival of Teaching and Learning May 2-4, 2023 Call for Proposals Due February 24.

Festival of Teaching and Learning Call for Proposals Due February 24

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The Elder Podcast with Elder John Bigstone

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A large pink typewriter on fantasy ground surface with a cup of steaming coffee and plants and a ladder around it. In the typewriter is a ruled sheet of paper with the words: "Program overview: Brainstorm and draft pedagogical project; Reflect on teaching successes, challenges, and barriers; Share the secrets of teaching well and surviving writing assessment."

Caffeinate Your Work Week: Teacherly Writing Café

Elevate your pedagogy through the power of the pen (Mondays, January 30−April 10). 

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Effective Teaching and Learning Framework

Developed to help instructors better their teaching practice.


Course Design Rubric

Review your online course and ensure effective EDI and design principles are incorporated.


Podcasts, Videos and Articles

Search our growing list of podcasts episodes and YouTube videos.


Wednesday Webinettes

View past recordings of CTL's 10 - 15 minute webinettes.


Indigenizing and Decolonizing

Discover resources on indigenizing and decolonizing teaching and learning.


Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity

Explore how to create a learning environment so all students feel their differences are valued and respected.

online teaching institute

Online Teaching Institute

Explore teaching workshops and presentations intended to develop your teaching.


Digital Pedagogies and Writing Across the Curriculum

Learn more about our Community of Practice and Care.