Deliver Online


Synchronous Learning Tools

eClass provides supplementary tools that create opportunities for real-time engagement and interaction for a contemporary teaching and learning experience.

  • Chat Sessions  eClass
    Communicate with students at-a-distance in a text-based environment similar to most instant messaging platforms — but simpler.
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Teaching  UAlberta
    Online learning presents a unique opportunity to engage students across time and place, to interact with students in real time (synchronous) or each working independently on their own time and in their own place (asynchronously).

Course Communication Tools

eClass offers a range of communication tools for you to connect with your student base and keep them informed.

  • Course Announcements  eClass
    Looking to send an email or get important information to your students? Learn how to use the eClass Announcements Forum.
  • Forums  eClass
    Discussion forums on eClass can be used for course announcements or to facilitate discussion amongst students and/or instructors. Learn more here.
  • Messaging  eClass
    Besides using the forum, you can connect with your entire class through eClass messages, a feature similar to SMS messaging. Learn more here.
  • Alternatives to Emailing Students  eClass
    Discover alternatives to connecting with your students including sending messages in BearTracks, or via Google Groups.
  • Engaging and Managing Your Class  UAlberta
    Learn strategies for creating an effective learning environment online and in person.

Remote Delivery

With our variety of tools and support available, moving your courses to remote delivery can be a seamless experience. Discover everything you need to get started with the process here.

  • Online Lectures Overview  eClass
    Several centrally supported online lecture tools are available at UAlberta to add live discussion and dynamic interaction. Get started in shifting your classes online.
  • Participating in Online Classes (For Students)  eClass
    Get the rundown on how to successfully participate in classes remotely. Find everything from how to submit assignments online, to taking exams and more.
  • Hybrid Classrooms
    A hybrid classroom is a learning space equipped with the ability to stream a class for online learning.
  • *NEW* Student Geographical Region Information
    Students will can join online classes from different time zones and the Student Geographical Region Information report provides region information to instructors.

Lecture Recording

Audio-video recording for class lectures, giving you the ability to post lectures and activities online. Learn more about the benefits of recording your lectures and what we can offer.

  • Lecture Recording Overview  eClass
    Recorded lectures posted in eClass give students the flexibility to view them on demand. Review the options available as well as our recommendations and tools.
  • Stream 2: Pre-recording Lectures  eClass
    Learn how to use Stream2 to record and instantly embed lectures into your eClass course.
  • Stream2: Streaming Live Lectures  eClass
    Discover how to use Stream2 to record and instantly stream your live recording to students


A synchronous presentation tool that allows instructors to use video, audio, and screen sharing to interact with students, Zoom is even integrated with eClass.

  • Using Zoom (for Instructors)  eClass
    Get started with using Zoom’s main functions. This system is integrated with eClass to facilitate management and provide easy access to recordings.
  • Zoom and eClass  eClass
    Discover how to create and launch Zoom meetings directly through your eClass course.
  • Zoom Meeting Preferences  eClass
    Follow these step-by-step instructions to adjust your Zoom meeting preferences to suit your needs.
  • Digital Office Hours  eClass
    Discover how you can set up digital office hours using Zoom.
  • UAlberta Zoom Backgrounds
    The Virtual Background feature in Zoom allows you to display an image or video as your background during a Zoom Meeting.
  • Best Practice for Teaching with Zoom  UAlberta
    Learn about the basics of Zoom, how to keep students engaged, and best practices for teaching with Zoom.
  • Zoom: Set-up, Security and Solutions  UAlberta
    There are some simple steps you can take to ensure your Zoom room is more secure.

Google Meet

Designed for live online video meetings with multiple users, this Google tool was built for collaboration and is available to all UAlberta members.

  • Using Google Meet  eClass
    Discover all you can do with Google’s video chat platform, including integration features with Google Calendar and Gmail.
  • Embedding Google Drive Files in eClass  eClass
    Easily embed Google Drive files, including videos, into your eClass course. Learn more here.
  • Digital Office Hours  eClass
    Discover how you can set up digital office hours using Google Calendar and Meet by creating calendar appointment blocks.
  • Best Practice for Teaching with Google Meet  UAlberta
    Learn about the basics of Meet, how to keep students engaged, and best practices for teaching with Meet.