Ali Criscitiello holding an ice core in the ice core archive freezer

The Canadian Ice Core Lab (CICL)

The Canadian Ice Core Lab (CICL) at the University of Alberta is a center of cryosphere research and collaboration with a unique focus on studying climate records and environmental chemistry in Canadian high Arctic and alpine regions. Representing tens of thousands of years of climate records in 2 kilometers of ice, the CICL ice core archive represents invaluable potential for researchers around the world to answer critical climate change questions. Explore our state-of-the-art facility through the links in the sidebar.

Current Archive Status

The Canadian Ice Core Lab comprises samples drilled from across the Canadian Arctic, as well as from non-polar mountain regions across the provinces and territories.

Total length of ice in the archive: ~2 km
Oldest sample: ~79,000 BCE
Youngest sample: 2023

Contact CICL

Alison Criscitiello, CICL Director
Office Phone: 780-492-0867

Anne Myers, Ice Core Laboratory Analyst
Office Phone: 780-492-0867

Mailing Address
Canadian Ice Core Lab (CICL)
Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Faculty of Science, University of Alberta
1-09 South Academic Building (SAB)
116th St & 85 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2R3