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For nearly a century, the Faculty of Science has been providing an exemplary science education to thousands of students from across Alberta, Canada, and the world. We could not have done this work without your generous support. Thank you.

Donors like you are creating new scholarships, developing impactful programs of study, and building state of the art educational and research facilities. Through your gifts, you are empowering students to realize their aspirations and become informed citizens who participate responsibly in a global society.

Your support is also paving the way for our stellar researchers to undertake the intense inquiry into the sciences that influences how we understand our world while opening up new avenues of discovery.

To learn more about opportunities to support Science, contact us at, 780-492-9983 or browse the listings below.

The Science, Creativity, and Innovation Fund (SCIFund)

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The Science, Creativity, and Innovation Fund (SCIFund) allows investments made today to foster innovation and inspiration to change the Faculty of Science, and the world. Donations to this fund enable immediate impact through key annual initiatives, while building a robust endowment that ensures future capacity to seize opportunities for significant breakthroughs towards global impact. This fund has helped to support student engagement and accessibility, innovation and technology, and promote student success.

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Susan Jensen Indigenous Support Fund

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"Our real legacy is our students. There are very few cases where one makes a discovery and that's the end of the story. Science goes on and on and into other hands. It's important that we remember we're building a foundation for the next generation." -Susan Jensen

Looking back on a long and successful career, Susan was inspired to channel her support with the Susan Jensen Indigenous Support Fund. The fund is the first support endowment in the Faculty of Science for Indigenous students, supporting students via undergraduate scholarships, bursaries, and fees for equipment and conferences as they pursue their education in the Faculty of Science.

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The Dean's Discretionary Fund

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The Faculty of Science Dean’s Discretionary Fund provides the resources that allow us to continue the exceptional teaching, learning, and research experiences that define the Faculty of Science. The discretionary fund allows the Dean of Science to react quickly to new needs that arise. You support will help us tackle the ever-evolving needs of the Faculty of Science as we train the next generation of scientists. By donating to this fund, you are our foundation and champion to position our students, and the entire Faculty of Science, for success.

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Science Scholarships

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The Faculty of Science has a wide array of awards, scholarships and prizes to assist our undergraduate and graduate students that are made possible by the generosity of our many donors. Please consider a donation that will strengthen the future for our amazing students.

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