Science Contours Magazine

Science Contours is the Faculty of Science Magazine published by the Dean's Office. It is distributed to Science alumni, donors, faculty, staff, students and other interested readers. It aims to connect alumni with other alumni, to keep people informed of developments in the Faculty of Science, and to build pride and encourage readers to become ambassadors for the Faculty.

In this issue...

  • Hot Days in the City

    Climate change is not just happening in the forests, oceans and Arctic. It’s affecting our urban areas, too. Fortunately, research is doing something about it.

  • The Sugar Code

    Revelations in the field of glycomics are marking a shift in how we view the building blocks of health and approach the treatment of disease.

  • It Starts With an Idea

    Everything we make or build began as a thought in someone’s head. Theoretical quantum science is no exception. This field has the potential to change how we live our lives. It could introduce us to realities about the universe that we have yet to imagine. And it could change the way we understand and experience our world.

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