Science Contours Magazine

Science Contours is the Faculty of Science Magazine published twice a year by the Dean's Office. It is distributed to Science alumni, donors, faculty, staff, students and other interested readers. It aims to connect alumni with other alumni, to keep people informed of developments in the Faculty of Science, and to build pride and encourage readers to become ambassadors for the Faculty.

In this issue...

  • Student, professor, chair: The many faces of philanthropy

    Professor Emerita Susan Jensen reflects on the roles she's played at the University of Alberta-and on building a foundation for the next generation with the first Indigenous support endowment in the Faculty of Science.

  • What lies beneath: Innovative project set to cement Canada's leadership in Arctic research

    Hyper-saline lakes beneath one of the most studied ice caps in the Canadian Arctic? Maybe even an entire briny network weaving a watery web under the ice? It sounds more like science fiction than science fact. But armed with ambition, innovative ideas, cutting-edge tools, and priceless support from one of Canada's foremost foundations-plus a cozy parka or two-these scientists are set to help us believe the once unbelievable, changing the face of the Canadian science community along the way.

  • Fences and flagpoles

    Director of the Student Innovation Centre offers his thoughts on collaboration in the world of innovation.

  • More from the Fall 2019 Issue