The Faculty of Science's CCIS building in the daytime with students walking through the Quad.

About the
Faculty of Science

Scientists are not born; they are trained—and not by just anyone.

The UAlberta Faculty of Science moulds the next generation of ground-breaking researchers, technicians, and academics by giving our undergraduate and graduate students an unparalleled education with world-class instructors, hybrid learning environments, hands-on lab and field experience, and internship opportunities.

With research and teaching strengths ranging from artificial intelligence to paleontology or from astrophysics to quantum nanoscience and beyond, our Faculty positions our students and researchers to be ahead of the curve, allowing them to shape the future of science.

More facts at a glance about the UAlberta Faculty of Science are provided below.

Join over 40,000 other scientists trained in our faculty

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The Faculty of Science at a glance

A delayed exposure photo showing students moving through the CCIS building at UAlberta during a class change.

Who we are

35,000+ bachelor of science graduates
5,300+ master of science graduates
3,300+ PhD graduates
140 countries are represented by our diverse groups of graduate and undergraduate students.
Four science students in their graduation regalia jump and throw their caps in front of UAlberta's CCIS building.

Who we become

44,000+ alumni living worldwide
25+ spinoff companies created
1,500+ papers published annually
150+ faculty members named to the Royal Society of Canada
20+ Canada Research Chairs
70+ Order of Canada Recipients
A black table of glass plaques and awards celebrating excellence in teaching science at UAlberta.

How we are recognized

$80M+ in research funding
300+ employers actively recruit from our Student Internship Program (SIP)
Top 10: The world ranking for many of our programs, including paleontology, geology, math, computing science, and more.
Top 5: The world ranking for some of our Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).


10 field schools & experiential learning opportunities

Science is best taught by reading, seeing, and doing. As such, field experience and hands-on learning are essential for shaping students into the leading experts of scientific research & technology of tomorrow.

Browse some of our experiential learning and extracurricular opportunities below.

Over the shoulder shot of Lisa Budney, the curator of the Mineralogy Collection, arranging some large rock samples into display cases.

18 museums and collections

We have 18 museums and collections available to students, staff, and the general public to view and study. Our curated selections feature specimens of:

  • fossils,
  • amphibians,
  • reptiles,
  • drill cores,
  • dried plants,
  • meteorites,
  • parasites, and more.
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Tamzin Blewett, Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences, takes samples of microorganisms in marine water in a lab.

9 centres and institutes

We have 9 centres and institutes devoted to relevant, cutting-edge research in various areas, including:

  • artificial intelligence,
  • space,
  • environmental observation
  • geophysics,
  • mathematics,
  • climate change, and more.
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More about our faculty

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