Faculty of Science Strategic Plan 2020-2025

This is Science at UAlberta: Strategic Plan 2020-2025

From the Dean

Science at the University of Alberta is globally recognized for excellence in research and education, working to position our community ahead of economic cycles, ecological shifts, competitive opportunities, and disruptive technologies by pushing the boundaries of discovery, knowledge, and innovation.

Together, as a community of leaders, we have developed a multi-layered plan with achievable short-term accountabilities and long-term goals within a five year timeframe. Standing together upon a strong foundation built by our alumni, donors, community, and industry partners, we continue to focus on our mission of conducting world-leading research and the authentic teaching and training of the next generation of scientists. After all, they are the pipeline of discovery, innovation, and talent that will make our world a better place, foster our community, and fuel the economy in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and beyond.

- Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell, Dean of the Faculty of Science

Undergraduate students in a chemistry lab in the Gunning/Lemieux Chemistry Centre.

To inspire outstanding achievements in scientific learning, discovery, innovation, and leadership for a better world.

Faculty of Science alumnus Dan Chow teaches elementary school students about geology on the UAlberta North Campus.

The Faculty of Science positions Alberta and Canada at the global forefront of scientific research and education.

This is Science at UAlberta: Faculty of Science Strategic Plan 2020-2025