Your Degree: An Overview

We understand that selecting courses for your timetable can be challenging. There are several resources available to help you complete your degree.

Information on the new BSc Degrees (effective Fall 2024) 

Current programs:

BSc General Requirements:

The BSc General program provides you with a diverse education in more than one branch of study. You will major in a Science subject area of concentration and you may elect to minor in a Science subject area of concentration, in an Arts subject area of concentration), in one of a select number of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences subject areas of concentration, or in Business.

This program also allows you to transfer to a Specialization or Honors program. If you are intending to transfer programs. please consult the appropriate  admission requirements for your program of interest.  Carefully select your first-year core courses in accordance with the requirements of the specific program, and pay close attention to course load and GPA requirements for transfer.

Your Academic Advisement Report (AAR)

You can now track your program progress for meeting graduation requirements. The report is available through  BearTracks and will help you understand the remaining program requirements and ensure that your course registration fulfills program requirements.

BSc/BEd Requirements:

This five-year program is highly structured, and you should consult with an advisor at the start of each Fall/Winter. See the  BSc/BEd requirements, and consult  Education Chart 2 when choosing courses for your major and minor.

*Admission requirements to the BSc/BEd program can be found  here.

BSc Honors and Specialization Requirements:

Each Honors and Specialization program has specific program requirements. Please see  Honors course selection or  Specialization course selection for details, and if you have questions about course selection contact your department advisor. Note: You MUST follow the program requirements from the year you were admitted into the program. You can change the calendar year in the top right corner.

Second year

Third year