2022 Winter Contours

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University of Alberta researcher Peggy St. Jacques' research into memory has been recognized with a prestigious Sloan Research Fellowship.

Your memory maker

A deer, pictured in a small clearing.  University of Alberta biologist Colleen Cassidy St. Clair shares advice for how to appreciate wildlife from afar.

Urban guide to animal etiquette

Alison Crisctiello, director of the Canadian Ice Core Lab at the University of Alberta.

Peak study

A beaver sits in a stream. University of Alberta researchers are investigating how Chronic Wasting Disease spreads through ecosystems via other animals, including beavers.

CWD: Not just an ungulate problem

A collection of fossils wrapped in newspaper more than 100 years old.

Lost and found (again)

Post-doctoral researcher Nilusha Welegedara found that Edmonton has “urban heat islands” with significantly higher temperatures than surrounding rural areas in both summer and winter. (Photo: Matt Photo Videography)

Cities feel the heat

The Robird's AI-powered drone design resembles a predatory bird, a design aimed to help deter birds from industrial sites.

AI-powered drone protects birds

An Bui, '22 BSc(Hons), was a contributor to Connections: Bringing Neuroscience and Art Together, with this piece of artwork.

A beautiful mind

University of Alberta computing scientist and AI ethics expert Nidhi Hegde, photographed in her lab.

The ghost in the machine (is unfair)

An illustration by Anja Javelona depicts scientists creating new things from building blocks of science.

Solutions are built on basic science

An illustration by Mariella Villalobos depicts AlbertaSat satellites in orbit around the Earth.

This is ground control