Ice Core Database

Ice in the Archive

The archive currently contains 1.4 km of ice predominantly from the Canadian High Arctic, including core samples from the:
  • Penny Ice Cap,
  • Devon Ice Cap,
  • Prince of Wales Icefield,
  • and Agassiz Ice Cap.

The archive also includes ice core samples from Mount Logan in The Yukon Territory in northwestern Canada, which is the tallest mountain in the country.

Find our Samples

We are developing a searchable database for the archive that we will upload soon. We are also in the process of creating digital scans of every piece of ice in the archive; the digital image catalog will complement the current database and include relevant data about our samples.

In the meantime, please inquire directly with the ice core staff (Alison Criscitiello at or Anne Myers at regarding the ice inventory. Otherwise, feel free to explore the database with our interactive map below.

Use the interactive map to track where our ice core samples come from and other data.