St. Stephen's College is an affiliated degree-granting graduate college of the University of Alberta. The affiliation of St. Stephen's with the University of Alberta dates to the founding of the University in 1908. As an affiliated College, St. Stephen's participates in some UAlberta degree programs, and offers undergraduate and graduate courses for the University. As an independent college, St. Stephen's offers applied graduate training in Multifaith Theology, Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, and Spiritual Care that prepares caregiving and ministry professionals for service in the public sphere.
Current Operations at St. Stephen's College
(last updated September 13, 2021)

Until further notice, the following operations are in effect at St. Stephen's College:

For Students and Faculty in all St. Stephen's College Degree Programs:

  • College business hours are Monday–Friday, 8:30am–4:30pm. The College building is open to the public Mondays–Thursdays; all staff and faculty work remotely on Fridays.
  • All who come to campus must comply with the College’s Health and Safety measures, including requirements to sign-in (for purposes of contact tracing) and to wear masks in all indoor spaces on the St. Stephen’s campus.
  • Before coming to campus, all faculty, staff, students, and volunteer committee members are required to self-declare their vaccination status using a confidential Vaccination Declaration questionnaire, and to provide proof of either full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result (not older than 48 hours). For more information, see our Testing/Vaccination requirements page.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all St. Stephen’s courses will be offered online via remote delivery until December 2021. All courses will resume in-person delivery in January 2022.
  • Practicum placements for St. Stephen's students are permitted to happen in-person according to the guidelines set out in the St. Stephen's College Practicum Plan during COVID-19 document.
  • Academic supervision can happen either in person or remotely via video conference or telephone.
  • College meetings will continue predominantly online via video conferencing.
  • Please see our SSC and COVID-19 page for all community updates and relevant COVID-19 policies.

For Students and Faculty in UAlberta Courses at St. Stephen's College:

  • UAlberta courses offered at St. Stephen's College abide by the directives of the University as outlined at the UAlberta COVID-19 information page.

The above operational summary relates only to St. Stephen's College. For operational information for the broader University of Alberta campus, please see the University's COVID-19 Information page.

To browse the upcoming courses offered at St. Stephen's College, please visit our SSC Courses page.

Current Students of SSC:
To register for a course, complete either the online registration form or contact the College directly. For more information on how to register, please see the Register for a Course page.

Non-SSC Students:
Members of the broader public are welcome to enroll in most courses at St. Stephen's College through our Open Studies program. For more information, please see our Open Studies page.