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St. Stephen's College offers a number of courses in Spirituality/Multi-faith Theologies (SPRIT) and Creative Arts Therapies (CATS). Offerings vary by year. Beginning September 2021, all St. Stephen's courses are listed under the designators SPRIT or CATS. To see what courses are currently scheduled, search the SPRIT and CATS course codes in Beartracks.

**Note: In September 2021, all UAlberta courses offered by St. Stephen’s College will use either the SPRIT or CATS course designator; the CHRTP designator will no longer be used.

Spirituality and Multi-faith Theologies

SPRIT 305 Scripture as Story

Explores how the elements of story employed by the Gospel writers and editors shaped their understanding of the person of Jesus and his followers.

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SPRIT 311 Contemplation and the Arts

Explores how the Sacred is experienced and expressed through the visual arts, music, and dance.

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SPRIT 312 Questioning Faith: Theological Perspectives on Contemporary Issues

Explores major questions of faith: God, Christ, humanity, evil, hope. This course provides insight into the Christian faith for all interested persons.

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SPRIT 314 Topics in Women and Religion

Women's relationship to and place in Christianity is explored. Women's attempts to critique and transform received tradition and/or to develop alternative forms of religious life are examined.

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SPRIT 315 Pop Culture and Theology

Considering theological themes in movies, poetry, fiction, and graphic novels that echo lived experiences.

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SPRIT 316 Sexual Ethics in a Multi-Faith Context

Deepen awareness of personal, social, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of sexuality. Explored in light of feminist, queer, traditional and contemporary theological thought.

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SPRIT 330 Mindfulness in Education and the Workplace

Explores contemplative/meditative practices that foster calm, concentration, and insight for teachers and other helping professionals.

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SPRIT 400 Special Topics

Discussion of topics relevant to the theology, spiritual care, and/or creative arts therapies. Credit may be obtained for this course more than once.

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SPRIT 411 Independent Study

Directed reading or research in a chosen area of theology, spirituality, or the creative arts therapies.

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SPRIT 451 Practising Peace
SPRIT 500 Special Topics

Discussion of topics relevant to theology, spirituality or the creative art therapies. Credit may be obtained for this course more than once.

Music Therapy

SPRIT 511 Independent Study

Directed reading or research in a chosen area of theology, spirituality, or the creative arts therapies.

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SPRIT 551 Practising Peace

Creative Art Therapies

CATS 321 Art Therapy Fundamentals

Art therapy, a specialized field in counselling psychology, provides a natural vehicle for promoting integrative, holistic approach to psychological healing. Explores the theory and application of art therapy to spirituality and healing settings. This course will be experientially based, with a lecture and seminar portion.

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CATS 381 Introduction to Music Therapy

Introduction to the discipline of music therapy: physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual applications of music.

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CATS 382 Introduction to Drama Therapy

Explores the role of drama therapy in health and spirituality: masks, puppets, theater games, improvisation, role-play, playback theatre, and psychodrama in various therapeutic settings.

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CATS 383 Psychotherapy and Spirituality: An Introduction

An introduction to the theory and practice of psychotherapy, with emphasis on spirituality as an essential component of therapeutic care. Students will examine their personal worldviews, explore their emerging caregiver identities, and engage with contemporary challenges of integrating psychotherapy and spirituality.

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CATS 384 Intermodel Expressive Art Therapy

Spiritually-informed intermodal use of studio-based expressive therapy modalities including music, visual art, dance/movement, drama, written and spoken word, and play.

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CATS 521 Introduction to Art Therapy

Introduction to the theory and practice of art therapy; work within a spiritually-informed approach is explored.

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