SSC Campus Health and Safety

As a community, St. Stephen's College and the University of Alberta work together to support healthy campuses. We follow public health guidance, and personal health practices – like staying home when unwell, practicing good sneeze/cough etiquette, washing or sanitizing your hands, getting vaccinated, and wearing a mask when returning from illness – continue to play an important role in healthy campus life.


The St. Stephen’s College campus is open for on-campus work and study. All students, faculty, staff, and the broader public can access our campus in accordance with office hours as listed on the Contact Us page.


Portable air purification units with medical grade HEPA filters have been installed in all classrooms and common spaces. These units work together with our existing ventilation system to ensure a minimum of four air-changes per hour. Air purifiers should be set to “Setting 2” and remain running at all times.


For general community health and wellness guidance, please visit: