Honorary Degrees and Awards

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Since 1917, St. Stephen's College has granted honorary degrees in recognition of individuals who have made exceptional contributions of leadership or ministry, either to their faith community or in spiritually integrated ways to the broader human community. Honorary degrees and awards are granted to individuals whose meritorious work embodies and extends the mission of St. Stephen's College. To this end, honorary degrees and awards reflect a synergy between the recipient and the spirit of the granting institution.

St. Stephen's confers two honorary degrees and grants one meritorious award.

Doctor of Divinity, honoris causa
The Doctor of Divinity (honoris causa) is awarded to individuals whose contributions reflect meritorious service, outstanding leadership in denominational or ecumenical contexts, and/or outstanding commitment and contribution to ministry, whether ordered or lay. This degree is awarded for excellence and/or outstanding contributions in one or more of the following areas:
  • Pastoral or missionary experience
  • Theological scholarship
  • Faith and public life
  • Community responsibility
Doctor of Sacred Letters, honoris causa
The Doctor of Sacred Letters (honoris causa) is awarded for special contributions to the life and work of the church, the community, or the College which are not necessarily inclusive of faith ministry. The contributions would normally reflect meritorious service, outstanding leadership, or scholarship of a high order which directly or indirectly furthers the vision and mission of the College. It would reflect excellence and/or outstanding contributions in such fields as:
  • Service to the academic community
  • Service to the community at large
  • Contributions to philosophy, literature, the arts or spirituality which are complementary to the values of the College
  • Exemplary service to the College not primarily of a theological nature
  • Contributions to religious communities which are complementary to the ecumenical and interfaith objectives of the College
Order of St. Stephen's College
The Order of St. Stephen's College recognizes a person or group that makes or has made an outstanding contribution through leadership, advocacy or research in the local, provincial, national, or international context. Such contributions may be related to the improvement and nurture of society. Fields to be recognized may include education, faith/religious communities, chaplaincy, mediation, management, media services, the arts, health care, counseling, multicultural relationships, and care of the Earth.

The purpose of an honorary degree and/or award is to:

  1. Honour persons who have made exceptional contributions of leadership or ministry in their faith community, or
  2. Honour persons who have made a great contributions to the community which are in sympathy with the vision, mission, and values of the College, or
  3. Honour persons whose character is deemed worthy of identification with the College.

Nomination and Selection

Instructions for how to nominate someone and how to submit a nomination can be found at our Nominate Someone page. Nominations are reviewed and selected by the Academic Senate of St. Stephen's College.

Nomination Instructions