SSC Courses

Upcoming courses at St. Stephen's College are listed below. To register for a course, complete the online registration form. For more information on how to register, please see the Register for a Course page. The course fee for a 3-credit course is $980. Courses are M-F 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Mountain time), unless published otherwise.

St. Stephen’s College offers courses in a variety of delivery models:

  • In-Class courses are delivered on campus. The instructor and the students are together in a face-to-face setting in the same classroom. Presence on campus is required for all class sessions.
  • Online courses are delivered virtually, most commonly using a video-conferencing software (such as eClass with Zoom). Online courses may include a greater degree of asynchronous contact hours. Presence on campus is not required.
  • Mixed Presence courses are delivered on campus.  The instructor delivers the course on campus, with some students physically present in the classroom while others participate synchronously via video-conference (e.g., via Zoom).  Presence on campus is optional.
  • Blended courses include both in-class and online components. Presence on campus is required only for the in-class components.

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