Register for a Course

Register for courses at St. Stephen's College by completing the online registration form. Each course has its own registration deadline, which is published in the annual course schedule. In most cases, students are required to register one month prior to the beginning of class. Late registration will be assessed a $75 late fee and may be permitted (permission depends on the student's ability to be prepared for the course start, including acquiring syllabus, texts, and competing pre-course assignments).

Open Studies and Audit Registration:

If you are not currently enrolled in a degree program at St. Stephen's College, but wish to take a course for interest, you may register for courses either through Open Studies or on an Audit basis.

Students who enroll through Open Studies take courses at St. Stephen's College for academic credit. Open Studies students may register for a course only if prerequisites are met. Tuition for courses taken through Open Studies is assessed at the full credit course fee. Course enrolment priority is given to students for whom the course is required for their degree, diploma, or certificate program. Generally, this is determined in the following order: first to St. Stephen’s College Degree and Diploma program students, second to Certificate program students, and third to Open Studies students. In the event that, at the registration deadline, a course is at maximum capacity and the enrolment cannot be expanded, it is possible that a student’s registration will be cancelled and fees fully refunded or credited toward a different St. Stephen’s course.

Students who audit a course do not receive academic credit for the course. Audit students are exempt from writing assignments and a final grade is not provided. Students may audit most courses, if prerequisites are met. Tuition for audited courses is assessed at half the credit course fee.

Register for a Course