Student Funding

Through the generosity of many alumni/ae, faculty, and friends of the College, St. Stephen's is able to offer a variety of Bursaries and Scholarships to students currently enrolled in degree programs at the College.

What are Bursaries and Scholarships?

Bursaries are based on satisfactory academic achievement and demonstrated financial need. They are a financial gift for tuition to a student enrolled in a degree program who is facing financial constraints. Applications for bursaries require documented proof of financial hardship (income and expense statements), and are normally awarded only once.

Scholarships are awards given based on exemplary academic performance in the course of studying for a degree program. Whether funded by the College or by external donors, scholarships are awarded by the College and are outright gifts for the student to use at their discretion, unless otherwise stipulated.

What Bursaries and Scholarships are Available at SSC?

Information pertaining to all our Bursaries and Scholarships can be found at our Bursaries and Scholarship page.

For more information on Bursaries and Scholarships, please contact the Registrar.