Tuition & Scholarships

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Your education is an important investment, and you don't want to be worried about your finances while you're completing your degree. So start with a plan and be sure to explore all the scholarships and supports we offer!

Start with a plan

The best way to offset the cost of your education is with scholarships and awards. Make sure to explore all your options! Search scholarships»

Tuition, Fees, & Payment Options
The cost of your degree will depend on several factors. Which program do you plan to take? Do you plan on living at home, in residence, or off-campus? Will you be studying full time or part time?

Scholarships & Awards
The University of Alberta administers over $34 million in scholarships and financial support each year, including entrance awards that you will be automatically considered for when you apply.

Financial Support & Advising
In addition to need-based funding such as bursaries and student loans, we also offer student loan advising, one-on-one financial advising, workshops and events, and more.