U of A for Tomorrow

We can turn our challenges into a strategic transformation.

The University of Alberta is transforming. The post-secondary sector is evolving quickly and the financial pressures facing the University of Alberta today are significant.

We are acting quickly to meet these challenges, guided by our core values and our commitment to excellence in teaching, learning and community engagement.

With strategic transformation, we can build the U of A's global leadership in higher education and research. We can drive even greater social and economic growth, innovation, and creativity for the public good of the province and beyond.

Through bold action, we are setting a new direction for the university of tomorrow.

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Share Your Feedback

At town halls, roundtables, Ask SET Anything events, and through online feedback mechanisms, thousands of faculty, staff, students, and alumni have provided their feedback and input on academic and administrative restructuring. We plan to host more events in the future for different groups at the university, so please watch the UAT Consultation page or follow our Updates for details.



Our goal is to build leaner, more agile, more coordinated and more strategic organizational structures that facilitate coordination rather than duplication. To enhance the student experience, our objective is a focus on programs (not units) with more accessible, efficient, effective, consistent student services. To achieve these goals, the university's operating model centralizes and integrates common administrative and academic services and functions into several core new structures, each of which will play a key role in the U of A of tomorrow.


A chief goal of UAT is to restructure the university's administrative and academic services so that we work as one university, with a clear vision, with aligned and consistent best practices, and a shared commitment to providing service excellence. Eliminating duplicate and redundant services is one of the key principles guiding the transition to the new operating model.