Latest update

With this series of four articles, Vice-President (University Services and Finance), Todd Gilchrist, provides an overview of the plan for SET over the next six months so that you are able to see where we are headed. Each article will provide an overview of the upcoming activities and milestones for key initiatives of the SET program as well as case studies to demonstrate recent successes. Read all four articles now.

Looking ahead series

A chief goal of UAT is to restructure the university's administrative and academic services so that we work as one university, with a clear vision, with aligned and consistent best practices, and a shared commitment to providing service excellence. Eliminating duplicate and redundant services is one of the key principles guiding the transition to the new operating model. Since the launch of UAT in June 2020, the SET program has been leading and implementing administrative transformation.

With transformed and realigned services, the future end state includes:

  • Collaborative, results-oriented services offered to students and staff
  • Best in class research outcomes enabled through new Research Innovation structure 
  • Strategic, high functioning service partner networks 
  • Integrated, dynamic marketing and communications campaigns for benefit of entire university
  • Service oriented HR processes designed to meet needs of the organization
  • Leading edge finance community of practice
  • Enhanced IT support and security across the institution
  • Streamlined purchasing of goods and services 
  • Efficient use and management of our space and facilities

Administrative services

Within the new model, administrative services will be offered university-wide, with service partners bringing expertise from different portfolios to colleges and faculties (such as in finance, human resources, or IT). The transition to the new model is largely being led by the SET program. A specialized team within SET is completely redesigning major processes across all university functions to align administrative services with the new operating model.

Academic services

Academic services, such as research, student advising, enrolment and recruitment, and college strategy will be provided where they are fit best—either offered university-wide or by the colleges, faculties, or departments. For example, some research services may be provided by the centralized VPRI team, while other research services will be consolidated at the college level.

Ask SET Anything (ASA)

On November 5, the SET Program Office held the Ask SET Anything: All Staff Edition.

You can watch recaps of other Ask SET Anything events on the UAT Consultation page.