Looking ahead

A key part of the UAT initiative has been the Service Excellence Transformation (SET) program, which has focused on administrative restructuring to support the university’s new operating model. The operating model consists of a hybrid of centralized and decentralized services and functions to promote consistency, avoid duplication and support a university-wide service culture. To implement this new model, the SET team has been working diligently this past year towards a project plan that is expected to wrap up by March 31, 2022.

Over the past year, the university and its community have gone through significant change. Portfolios have been restructured, staff and student service centres introduced, new positions and units created, and through it all, we’ve been working remotely through a pandemic. While this period of transition is extremely challenging, these changes are also opportunities that will help set the university up for success, today and into the future.


With this series of four articles, Vice-President (University Services and Finance), Todd Gilchrist, provides an overview of the plan for SET over the next six months so that you are able to see where we are headed. Each article will provide an overview of the upcoming activities and milestones for key initiatives of the SET program as well as case studies to demonstrate recent successes:


As we approach the end stages of the SET program, here is an overview of the upcoming transitions, activities, and milestones within three separate time frames:

  • Horizon 1 - by December 2021
  • Horizon 2 - by March 2022 | End of the SET program
  • Horizon 3 - April 2022 + | Ongoing operations beyond SET