Community Consultations

Through a variety of venues, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and external community members are invited to ask questions, provide feedback, and suggest ideas and alternatives throughout the development and implementation of academic and administrative restructuring plans.

Feedback will be collected and shared with UAT Committees and advisory groups and summary reports shared with the community via this website. All town halls will be recorded and available for viewing at any time. Answers to frequently asked questions are available here.



  • October 2 — Business
  • October 5 — Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation
  • October 6 — Medicine and Dentistry
  • October 7 — Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences
  • October 7 — Nursing
  • October 8 — Engineering
  • October 9 — Campus Saint-Jean
  • October 14 — Augustana
  • October 14 — Arts
  • October 14 — Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • October 16 — Rehabilitation Medicine
  • October 19 — Native Studies
  • October 20 — Public Health
  • October 20 — Law
  • October 26 — Science
  • October 27 — Education
  • November 16 — Graduate Studies and Research — Faculty Council, GFAC, Staff
  • November 19 —  Office of the Registrar, Dean of Students, U of A International, Libraries, Research
  • November 19 — Advancement, University Relations, President's Office, Provost's Office, Indigenous Programs & Research, Governance
  • November 26 — Information Services and Technology, Facilities & Operations, Finance & Administration

Town Halls

Ask SET Anything

Faculty Councils

  • President Flanagan attended 18 (April-June)


There are many regularly scheduled meetings at which University of Alberta for Tomorrow has and will be included on the agenda. Discussions about both academic and administrative restructuring have been and will continue to be regularly held with the U of A Academic Staff Association, Non-Academic Staff Association, Students’ Union, Graduate Students’ Association, Senate, Alumni Council, and others.

Staff Advisory Team

As part of the U of A for Tomorrow (UAT) transformation, the Staff Advisory Team provides critical insight and feedback as we move through the stages of academic and administrative restructuring. This 40-member team includes staff representatives from all faculties and major academic support units, as well as a broad representation across job levels, employee categories, and equity seeking groups.

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Thought Exchange

Thoughtexchange is a virtual tool that we will be using throughout the UAT process. It allows users to share feedback and respond in real time. It is easily accessible from desktop and mobile browsers or through an app. With this tool you can share your thoughts, questions, or comments in response to open-ended questions, independently and confidentially. You can also read and rate thoughts shared by other participants, and discover what matters most to the group.

Pulse Surveys

Pulse surveys provide an opportunity for us to check-in with you and take the overall pulse of our university community during this time of academic and administrative transformation. This survey consists of 11 questions and will be sent out on a monthly basis to a random selection of 700 University of Alberta employees. Your feedback will help guide our approach throughout both the Service Excellence Transformation and Academic Restructuring initiatives.

Digital Feedback

Anyone at any time can provide feedback or ask a question using this form or by emailing Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here and feedback collected is shared with both ARWG and SET teams.

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