Moving the university's administrative services from the current state to the new model will take several months. The process involves redistributing administrative services and a significant portion of the university's workforce from faculties and portfolios to new units in the centre, which will allow the university to take advantage of economies of scale and provide services more efficiently.

Upcoming Timeline

For a more detailed timeline updated periodically, see here. You can also read about the timeline for the next 6 months here.


July - September 2021

  • Launch Staff Service Centre
  • Continue delivering service accountability framework, expectations, and indicators
  • Launch Student Service Centre (soft launch July)
  • Final transition plan released
  • Begin to implement space and facilities recommendations
  • Hiring mostly completed for new positions

October - December 2021

  • Ancillary projects kick off
  • Release 2022/23 budgets
  • Plan SET transition to future
  • Program to review SET quality and effectiveness

January - March 2022

  • IT strategy established
  • Continue training and onboarding
  • Begin next wave of procurement implementations
  • Final staff reductions

April 2022 and onward

  • Implement remaining structures
  • College services fully implemented
  • Continue improving and implementing the new model
  • Optimize supporting functions

Engagement with the U of A community will happen throughout the process.

What's happened so far?

April 2020

  • Initial report to recommend effective response to funding reductions