Service partners

Service partners are experts in one functional area and will be the main point of contact for matters relating to their functional area for a college or faculty.

Partners are the link between the faculty and the specialists in the Centres of Expertise, listening carefully to the faculty's needs and determining ways to achieve these objectives. They provide strategic advice to deans, associate deans, chairs, and unit leaders and also offer operational support as needed.

There are two levels of partners:

  • Senior partners: embedded in colleges, responsible for providing support to the colleges (as coordinated by the college general manager) and for coordinating the service partners for faculties in that college.
  • Service partners: embedded in faculties, provide support to the faculties as coordinated by the faculty general manager. They report directly to their appropriate senior partner.


Partners are embedded in colleges or faculties where they will work with the college or faculty general manager but will report directly to their "home" function.

For example, an HR service partner could be embedded in the Faculty of Nursing, working with Nursing's faculty general manager. However, they will report to the director of HR partnerships in Human Resources, Health, Safety & Environment (HRHSE). As there will be several HR partners assigned to the College of Health Sciences, as work is needed, they may provide support to the other Health Sciences faculties.

Partner structures in action