Hiring announcement: Senior Partners, Communications & Marketing

Jennifer Pascoe - 14 October 2021

Since the new operating model was approved last October, several new entities and roles have been introduced to the university community including the Senior Partner and Partner positions. Partners are integral to the new model. They provide strategic support, ensure that policy and strategy is applied appropriately, and facilitate connection to services in the central functions. External Relations and the SET external engagement workstream are pleased to announce the appointments of the five Senior Partners, Communications & Marketing. With all appointments being internal hires, we’re pleased to be advancing our existing, key talent within the organization.

  • Kristofer Connor – Senior Partner, Communications and Marketing, College of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Brittany Hurlburt — Senior Partner, Communications and Marketing, VP Facilities and Operations and VP University Services and Finance
  • Matthew McCreary — Senior Partner, Communications and Marketing, VP Academic and VP Research and Innovation 
  • Janelle Morin — Senior Partner, Communications and Marketing, College of Health Sciences
  • Katie Willis — Senior Partner, Communications and Marketing, College of Natural and Applied Sciences

Reporting to Salena Kitteringham, Director, Communications and Marketing Partnerships, and working in close collaboration with leaders across External Relations, academic and administrative leaders, as well as the Centres of Expertise, the Senior Partner team will lead and integrate the activities of several communications and marketing partners and communications associates in service of the colleges, vice-presidential portfolios, and faculties. As all of the Senior Partners are internal hires, they have served in similar roles throughout their career at the university and bring a sound level of leadership and experience that will be required to support their respective areas.

Brittany, Matt, Katie, and Janelle will start in their new roles on October 19 with Kris beginning on October 20.

  • AVP FPP *university-level
    • Director Finance Partners *university-level
      • Senior Finance Partners *college/portfolio-level [Dotted-line report to College General Managers and VP Portfolios]
        • Finance Partners *faculty/unit-level [Dotted-line report to Faculty General Managers and Campus Managers]

Jennifer Pascoe
Associate Vice-President, Strategic Communications



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