Academic services

The UAT Operating Model document, released in June of this year, outlines the roles and responsibilities of the institution, colleges, faculties, and departments and integrates administrative restructuring (led by SET) with the colleges. Colleges will help to support the core academic mission in the faculties through the delivery of services in the areas of administration, research, strategic initiatives, and education. 

Within the new model, some services will be offered as university-wide services—these are largely the work of SET—with service partners bringing expertise from different portfolios to colleges and faculties (such as in research, enrolment and recruitment, graduate studies, finance, or human resources). Other services will come from the college—for example, some research services may be provided by the centralized VPRI team, while other research services that are consolidated at the college level. Eliminating duplicate and redundant services is one of the key principles guiding the transition to the new operating model.


College offices

College offices lead and support specific areas of excellence, innovation, and improvement. They are designed to operate in partnership with central units and faculties, including setting shared priorities and goals and taking leadership of strategic initiatives for both the college itself and its constitutive faculties.

College offices include:
  • The Office of Education is responsible for shared student services, coordinated student advising, academic integrity processes, and administrative work related to experiential and work-integrated learning.
  • The Graduate Office oversees academic structure and performance in partnership with FGSR.
  • The Office of Research drives institutional research strategy and college-relevant initiatives, including interdisciplinary activity.
  • Strategic Initiatives—including Indigenous initiatives, EDI, and international—provide consolidated support to the faculties in these areas.

Administrative services within the colleges, faculties, and departments

Where specialized services and administrative needs are integral to academic programming, faculties and departments will provide these services under the direction of a general manager who works closely with the college and faculty deans to provide strategic advice and operational leadership.

Student services workstream

The student services workstream is working to define the people, processes, and technologies required to implement the new operating model for student services across the university. This involves engaging the right experts—centrally, through the Student Service Centre, or at the college/faculty/department level—to support students and ensure they have easy access to student-centric services.

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Research administration workstream

The research administration workstream is working to define the people, processes, and technologies required to implement the new operating model for research administration services across the university. A restructured and agile university-wide network of research administration services will ensure cost-efficient, responsive, professional, and effective resources and services.

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